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David S. DiLustro II

Pharm.D. Candidate

University of Rhode Island College of Pharmacy

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Looking to make a difference in healthcare today.
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My Bio: David S. DiLustro II

I was born and raised in North Kingstown, RI, a very tight knit community where everyone my friends and I led a fast paced lifestyle from kindergarten up through middle school.  Not having a job meant I could play all the sports I wanted to, including soccer, baseball, lacrosse and ice hockey.  I remember one spring I had practice every night of the week and on some weekends three different games. It was madness but I loved it.

Growing up on the water was a luxury I can only hope I never have to go with out.  As members at the Bonnet Shores Beach club, my parents would have to pry my sister and I out of the water because we simply didn't want to go home.  Growing up in south county was amazing and it helped mold me into the person I am today.

My Bio: David S. DiLustro II
High School

I attended North Kingstown High School from 2004-2008 where I stayed very, very busy.  Hockey season was basically every season; if we weren't playing games we were training for next years opener.  Never had I been pushed harder, both mentally and physically by my coaches.  Some people say they were hard on us but I like to think that they gave me the structure and discipline necessary for the future I'm striving for today.  In addition to hockey, I played lacrosse.  We were a power in the state, being the only public school who could confidently destroy any private school we faced, earning the title of Division I state champs twice in my four years there.  Other activities I participated in included the symphonice band, where I played alto saxophone.  My sports friends always joked with me saying that I was a "band geek," yet I embraced it, it made me, me.

My Bio: David S. DiLustro II

After only applying to two schools (URI and Providence College,) I was almost certain I would have gone to PC if it weren't for one thing.  I had always wanted to get into the health field, possibly going pre-med, so I selected Pharmacy on the URI application knowing it was the hardest school to get into and taking a shot in the dark.  Much to my surprise I was accepted into the program with a full centennial scholarship.  After a few months of friends and family telling me how crazy I would have been if I were to turn it down, I accepted the spot at URI and the rest was history.  As my tenure at URI went on I began to love the pharmacy profession more and more, seeing parallels with my personality and what I need to succeed in the industry everyday.

This portfolio module contains a list of professional and productivity mobile apps I recommend:

Mobile Apps I Recommend: David S. DiLustro II
20Ways on Improving Patient Care & Pharmacy Cost Containment

Complimenting the 20Ways (a quarterly publication), the 20Ways Mobile App serves to educate pharmacy management on products and services that improve patient care or improve a pharmacy's financial bottom line while distilling and presenting this relevant information in a quick-review format


Mobile Apps I Recommend: David S. DiLustro II
URI Continuing Education

From CE & Ski in New Hampshire, to Seminar by the Sea in Newport, to the June Minicourse Series, there is always something happening at the URI College of Pharmacy. Stay connected with the College of Pharmacy's CE opportunities and upcoming events.


Mobile Apps I Recommend: David S. DiLustro II

Free app with extensive information on drugs, drug interactions, pill identification, manufacturer information and dosage calculations.


Mobile Apps I Recommend: David S. DiLustro II
Micromedex Drug Information

More extensive information than epocrates but more difficult to navigate at first.  What I like about the app is the comprehensive mechanism of action as well as pharmacokinetic parameters.


Athletics: David S. DiLustro II

During my time at North Kingstown High School I played on the varsity ice hockey team as a forward all four years.  During my time our team was able to win a state championship at the Division III level.

Athletics: David S. DiLustro II

Attackman on the University of Rhode Island club lacrosse team from 2008 to 2009, traveling to play different schools across the northeast during my freshman and sophomore years.  The only reason I didn't continue with the team was because of my increased activity in the pharmacy industry.

Attackman on the North Kingstown High School Varsity Lacrosse team from 2004-2008.  During my time the team and I were able to win two state championships at the highest Division I level.

Committees & Boards: David S. DiLustro II
University of Rhode Island President's Office Executive Assistant I Search Committee

In 2010 I had the privelege of being the student representative on the search committe for the new executive assisstant in the president's office.  I was very happy to be placed on the committee because it showed that the staff, as well as the president, Dr. Dooley, respected my opinions as well as my input.

Committees & Boards: David S. DiLustro II
University of Rhode Island Staff Excellence Award Selection Committee Member 2008-2013

As a committe member for the staff excellence award at the University of Rhode Island, I worked with a team of previous award recipients to choose an exemplary member of the University of Rhode Island staff to honor yearly at th Excellence Awards Ceremony.

Courses Taken: David S. DiLustro II
University of Rhode Island

Professional Pharmacy Courses

Spring 2013

Cancer Chemotherapy and Toxicology

Consumer Protection

Integrated Pharmacy Lab V

Interactive Learning Session VI

Health Systems II

Pharmacotherapy IV

Foundations of Disease VI - Hematology Oncology

Physical Assessment

Fall 2012

Endocrine, Gastrointestinal, and Biotechnologic Drugs

Pharmacokinetics II

Integrated Pharmacy Lab IV

Interactive Learning Session V

Foundations of Human Disease: Endocrinology

Pharmacotherapeautics of Gastrointestinal and Endocrine

Health Systems I

Advanced Neuropsychiatric Pharmacotherapy

Spring 2012

Pharmacokinetics I

CNS Drug Pharmacology and Medical Chemistry

Family and Community Health

Nutrition and Disease

Interactive Learning Session IV

Foundations of Human Disease: CNS

Pharm-CNS/Muscoloskeletal Disease

Fall 2011

Human Disease III

Pharmacology and Med Chem Lab II

Pharmacology and Medicinal Chemistry of Anti-infective and Respiratory Agents

Interactive Learning Session III

Pharmacy Resources for Practicum

Pharmacotherapy of Infectious Diseases and Pulmonary Disorders

Self Care I

Spring 2011

Drug Metabolism and Bioanalysis

Pharmacology and Medicinal Chemistry Lab I

Pharmacology and Medicinal Chemistry: Cardio and Renal Drugs

Interactive Learning Session II

Drug Information and Analysis of Literature

Foundation of Human Disease

Pharmacy Law and Ethics

Pharmacotherapy of Renal and Cardio Drugs

Fall 2010

Dosage Forms I

Dosage Forms II

Dosage Forms III

Foundations of Human Disease: Immunology

Principles of Medicinal Chemistry 

Pharmacy Tech Laboratory

Principles of Pharmacology and Auto Pharm

Pharmacy Practice in Continuing Health Care



Educational Background: David S. DiLustro II
University of Rhode Island College of Pharmacy 2008-2014

-       Currently completing doctor of pharmacy degree

-       Rigorous courses based around foundations of disease, pharmacology and therapeutics

-       Selection rate at time of admission was around 10%, as approximately 1,200 applicants vied for 100 spots 

Educational Background: David S. DiLustro II
North Kingstown High School 2004-2008

Honors Studies with Advanced Placement in Spanish, English, United States History, Calculus and Biology.

Employment History: David S. DiLustro II
University of Rhode Island President's Office 2008 - Present

-       Served under two different university presidents, Dr. Robert L. Carothers and Dr. David M. Dooley

-       Multiple responsibilities including student ambassador to high level guests of the University, advertising, and drafting letters for the president

Employment History: David S. DiLustro II
CVS Pharmacy - Pharmacist Intern 2010-Present

-       Worked at several stores with different team leaders and teams including store #621, one of the busiest in the nation

-       Able to assimilate into any environment, which is key in the pharmacy industry today as pharmacists change stores more regularly

-       As an immunizer, I am able to give several vaccines to patients without them having to leave the pharmacy

Employment History: David S. DiLustro II
Bonnet Shores Beach Club 2007-2013

-       Worked in every role imaginable in the food service industry from a busser to a waiter and a bar-back but most notably line cook and sous chef

-       With my hard work in these positions I was able to support myself and pay for tuition throughout my time at URI

-       The fast paced, high pressure environment proved invaluable for future job experience as long shifts on my feet and customer service are commonplace in the pharmacy industry

Fraternal Organizations: David S. DiLustro II
Kappa Psi - Beta Epsilon Chapter

Kappa Psi (Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity) is the oldest and largest professional pharmacy fraternity in the world. Kappa Psi was founded on May 30, 1879 in New Haven, Connecticut, and currently there are 155 chapters (90 Collegiate and 65 Graduate chapters), more than six thousand collegiate members, and over eighty seven thousand graduate members across the United States, Canada, and the Bahamas.

Honors & Awards: David S. DiLustro II
Dean's List

Fall 2009

Spring 2010

Interests: David S. DiLustro II
Physical Fitness

As a freshman in college, instead of going to the gym, I would hit the dining hall.  By the end of the year I realized the error of my ways and vowed I would get a gym membership come Septmember.  Ever since then I have made it a point to eat as healthy as possible and make it to the gym as often as I could.  Something that I enjoy most in regards to fitness is the Blessing of The Fleet 10 mile road race every year in Narragansett.  It's such a scenic run that you find yourself dazing off and crossing the finish line in the blink of an eye.  My father has always been an avid runner and I can proudly say i'm following in his footsteps after completing the race my fourth time this year.

Interests: David S. DiLustro II

Working in the restaurant industry for the past nine years, i've tought myself how to cook.  Now I don't see it as a job but more of a hobby.  One of my favorite dishes to cook is seafood fra diavolo.  It includes pan seared sea scallops, littlenecks, muscles and lobster meat in a spicy marinara sauce over linguine cooked al dente.

Cooking is something I can see myself doing for as long as I live and I look forward to passing it down to my family. 

Licenses & Certifications: David S. DiLustro II
Certified Immunizer

Went through a rigorous training course well before necessary to ensure I was able to administer vaccines to the public.

Licenses & Certifications: David S. DiLustro II
Pharmacist Intern License - State of Rhode Island

Valid until June 2014

Volunteer, Community & Civic Activity: David S. DiLustro II
Summer Christian Work Camp

During high school, I was deeply involved in helping the community through my church, St. Bernard's.  In the summer of 2007 I traveled to Lyons, NY, for a full week to devote my time to community service and faith.

What are admitting privileges? Admitting privilege is the right of a healthcare practitioner, by virtue of membership as a hospital's medical staff, to admit patients to a particular hospital or medical center for providing specific diagnostic or therapeutic services to such patient in that hospital. Each hospital maintains a list of health care providers who have admitting privileges in that hospital. Admitting privileges of some physicians may be limited to consultative services only.
Admitting & Consulting Privileges: David S. DiLustro II
Community Pharmacy Consultation

As a future pharmacist, I'm able to do anything that a pharmacist on duty deems me proficient at, including consultation.  I've become proficient in counseling patients on adherence and drug interactions, as well as treating disease states with over the counter medications.

Affiliations (Universities & Colleges): David S. DiLustro II
The University of Rhode Island

URI has taken me in and fostered my growth since I was a freshman in 2008.  With a wide array of scholarships that I was very lucky to recieve, I was able to learn and grow into the confident young pharmicist-to-be that I am today.  With my position at the President's office, I was able to get to know two different presidents of the university, Dr. Robert Carothers and Dr. David Dooley, as well as a vast number of professionals across the campus.  I am forever endebted to this institution and I will remember them throughout my career.

URI Pharmacy

Blog & Social Media Contributions: David S. DiLustro II
Social Primer

Most fledgeling companies today are too cash poor to invest in marketing and I have had the privelege of beign a campus rep at URI for a men's clothing company called Social Primer.  They had previously made their own bow ties for Brooks Brothers (who doesn't like a pharmacist in a bow tie right?) which originally garnered my attention.  As a campus rep I promote their brand over social media sites such as twitter and facebook in exchange for a few ties here and there.  I get free clothes and they get free advertising, a beautiful combination.  All in all, Social Primer is a wonderful company with a little something for everyone.  In addition to their ties, they offer publications on etiquitte as well as frequently updated blog.  I highly recommend checking them out.

Social Primer

Immunization History: David S. DiLustro II

Currently up to date with seasonal flu, MMR, Hep. B series, tDap, and Varicella

Internships: David S. DiLustro II
CVS Pharmacy: Student Intern (Community Pharmacy Externship) 2012

August 2012

Preceptor: Kristi Lato

Aside from pharmacy business metrics and DEA regulations, my preceptor and I focused on the upcoming flu season and all that it encompassed.  With her help I became a certified immunizer much earlier than most of my peers.  Together we arranged her store to facilitate the best possible workflow come flu season.  We also went over all the CDC regulations for the current flu vaccine as well as others such as tDap and pneumococcal. 

Internships: David S. DiLustro II
RXinsider: Student Intern (Entrepreneurial Externship) 2013

September - October 2013 (6 Weeks) West Warwick, RI

Preceptor: Gregory Cianfarani


Internships: David S. DiLustro II
South County Hospital: Student Intern (Institutional Externship) 2013

July - August 2014 (6 weeks) Wakefield, RI

Preceptor: Joshua Guerin

Library (My Reading List): David S. DiLustro II
The Sanford Guide to Antimicrobial Therapy


An invaluable tool to community and hospital pharmacists alike.  Plain and simple it lets the reader know what bugs are susceptible to what drugs.  Although different regions and hospitals antibiograms may differ slightly, this is still regarded as "the gold standard."

Library (My Reading List): David S. DiLustro II
Pharmacotherapy: A Pathophysiologic Approach


The holy grail of all pharmacy books that student's and professionals alike commonly refer to plainly as "Dipiro's."  This text is all encompassing, including information on pharmacology, medical chemistry, foundations of disease and therapeautics.  Newer versions include DVDs as well as online access, which is wonderful for a student on the go who doesn't have the time to lug around a thirty pound textbook.

Library (My Reading List): David S. DiLustro II
What Color is Your Parachute?


In today's challenging job-market, the long-trusted guidance of What Color Is Your Parachute? is needed more than ever. Published in 22 languages and 26 countries, and with over 10 million copies sold, What Color is Your Parachute? has helped millions discover their unique gifts, skills, and interests and land a job--even in hard times.

Library (My Reading List): David S. DiLustro II
Bill of Rites for the American Man


Ten Articles that Pull A Man Out of the Cave, Make a Love Interest Take Extra Notice and the Boss Feel Compelled to Promote Him. Or at Least Not Fire Him. Most of these guide lines can be considered situational for everyday use but always when we are in black-tie or at a business event. This isn’t to say that manners should be reserved for fancy and formal occasions. Everyday manners are the goal, but extra attention is paid to special events where the use of such is easier to illustrate for our purposes and crucial to execute when we are out on the town. Just as we want our dinner suit to be clean, pressed and ready for use when we need it, so too should our confident grasp of the ways of the civilized world. Unfortunately, old-fashioned etiquette books are woefully dense with detail and many people, but particularly men, put them aside as not relevant to their lives. Understandable but not insoluble. SP has delved deeply into these tomes and come away with an edited, updated and completely accessible set of guidelines that fit neatly into the modern American man’s life. Stripped, pruned, updated and polished for your consideration, consider this a list of articles to the original declarations, a Bill of Rites, as it were.

Musical Instruments, Recordings & Concerts: David S. DiLustro II
Alto Saxophone

I've played the alto saxophone since the sixth grade, taking part in several ensembles including jazz, concert, and symphonic bands.

Presentations: David S. DiLustro II
Medication Therapy Management

As the demand for primary care physicians increases, pharmacists are beginning to take a more active role in patient care and outcomes.  With medication therapy management, pharmacists sit down with patients and discuss, assess, and review patients' medication regimens.  During this presentation, I discussed the five pillars of MTM as described by the APhA: the medication therapy review (MTR), the personal medication record (PMR), the medication-related action plan, intervention or referral, as well as documentation and follow up.

Presentations: David S. DiLustro II
McKesson Corporation

I discussed the two business segments of the McKesson Corporation; Distribution and Technologies, with emphasis on the HealthMart Pharmacy brand and InterQual Clinical Criteria Solutions

Presentations: David S. DiLustro II
CVS Caremark Corporation

I discussed the three business segments of the CVS Caremark Corporation; CVS Caremark pharmacy services, CVS retail pharmacies, and MinuteClinic.

Presentations: David S. DiLustro II
Babesiosis due to b. microti

While at South County Hospital in Wakefield, RI I discussed the disease state of Babesiosis; it's epidemiology and risk factors, signs and symptoms, pathophysiology, diagnosis, treatment and prevention.

Recommendations & References: David S. DiLustro II

Furnished upon request

Resume & CVUpdated: 04-28-21
Simulation (Training Simulations): David S. DiLustro II
Alpert Medical School - Brown University (2012-13)

Through continued collaboration with other healthcare schools in the area, The University of Rhode Island was able to partake in a multidisciplinary training program where future pharmacists, doctors, nurses, social workers and physical therapists work on a team to achieve the best patient care possible.

Skills: David S. DiLustro II
Customer Service

With my 9+ years in the service industry, I've assisted all walks of life, making it easier for me to assimilate myself into any situation presented to me.  I pride myself in the ability to make important decisions under pressure in several different fast paced situations, whether it be in the pharmacy or in the kitchens that i've managed.