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Michael Markus Adams

Human Resource Specialist

Norfolk Naval Shipyard

Address: 1662 Shreveport Crescent
Norfolk, Virginia 23518
Phone: 7575810039
My Social: LinkedIn

Seeking to make a difference in Human Resources
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Educational Background: Michael Markus Adams
Cover Letter

Cover Letter

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Educational Background: Michael Markus Adams
Bryant and Stratton (Human Resource Specialist Program – AAS Candidate Dec 2017)

Bryant and Stratton (Human Resource Specialist Program – AAS Candidate 2017)

Human Resources Specialist from Bryant & Stratton College provides students with the opportunity to gain the educational components to enable them to serve in key roles in nearly every aspect of the business field. HR professionals are needed to carry out hiring practices; manage compensation, benefits, and payroll; and fill other human resources generalist roles. These are positions needed by virtually every company, whether in business, finance, manufacturing, or another area. Students will also gain a foundation in business and administrative skills to ensure that they are prepared for today’s modern business environment. Human Resources Specialist associate degree program will have the ability to:

  • Comprehend the primary functions of human resources in organizations, and apply those functions in the decision-making process.
  • Apply information technology skills to specific human resources applications.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the economic and quantitative issues facing human resources professionals in the business environment.
  • Understand and enforce local, state, and federal employment laws and regulations.
  • Develop and begin to apply leadership skills in various settings.

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CAP 265 Portfolio Project

CAPS 265 Portfolio Project

Projects: Michael Markus Adams
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Projects: Michael Markus Adams
BUSS 213 Portfolio Project

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Projects: Michael Markus Adams

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Projects: Michael Markus Adams

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