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Paolo Amenta

University of Connecticut

Phone: 8608177606

I am grateful for my time with UConn School of Pharmacy and look forward to exploring health career opportunities assisting the underserved.
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Academic Service: Paolo Amenta
P1 Interprofessional Experience

Academic Service: Paolo Amenta
P1 Interprofessional Experience

Academic Service: Paolo Amenta
IPPE Community Workbook - Reflection on personal goals

Academic Service: Paolo Amenta
*** IPPE Community Workbook - Introduction ***

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Affiliations (Universities & Colleges): Paolo Amenta
UConn School of Pharmacy


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Biography / Summary: Paolo Amenta

I am a current UConn School of Pharmacy student and a proud husky beginning freshman year. I completed one year at the West Hartford branch and the rest of my studies at Storrs. I was a member of the UConn soccer club team 2015-2017.  I became an active member in Reformed University Fellowship and joined the ministry outreach team to offer comfort and a helping hand to those in need. I am grateful for my time with the school of pharmacy and hope to pay it back to the community through by exploring career opportunities helping the underserved populations.

Biography / Summary: Paolo Amenta
High School

I attended Newington High School where I quickly became involved in the school community. I was president of the national honor society, member of the science, English, math, and Italian national honor society. Senior year I proudly represented my school as captain of the soccer, indoor track, and track team. I will always hold Newington and the community back home close to my heart.

Biography / Summary: Paolo Amenta
Early Life

I was born in Solarino, Italy on June 28th, 1997. My family and I moved to the US when my twin brother and I were 4 years old. After moving from state to state my parents settled in Newington, CT where I spent the majority of middle school and high school. Family and church have always been a big component of my life.

Biography / Summary: Paolo Amenta
CVS Pharmacy Intern

Biography / Summary: Paolo Amenta
Connecticut Invention Convention (CIC) Volunteer

Biography / Summary: Paolo Amenta
Bilingual (Italian and English)

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CPD Plan Management: ACTION / LEARNING: Paolo Amenta
Continued Outreach and Involvement

I plan on carrying out my plan of becoming more involved with extracurricular organizations by attending informative meetings and outreach events for new members. I will gather information and assess which groups will benefit my career exploration pathway the most and which organization would value my time and commitment. After becoming familiar with the group and volunteering as often as I can, I will seek a leadership position.

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CPD Plan Management: APPLICATION: Paolo Amenta
Exploring Career Paths

I will continue my application tracking following fall semester of P2 year. After commitment to two organizations and multiple outreach events, I will begin to explore potential career paths. With a better and more career-specific resume, I will begin searching for internships/externships that will broaden my understanding of pharmacy. I will seek a position with an institutional pharmacy, explore hospital med rec positions, and consider looking into compounding/research. I will have a better understanding of the direction I am headed towards following fall exposure.

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CPD Plan Management: EVALUATION: Paolo Amenta
Expanding Career Opportunities

Despite working tremendously hard throughout high school and my first two years at UConn, I began settling and removing myself from extracurricular environments. After making academics my number one priority in the school of pharmacy, my outreach efforts began to slow. However, after evaluation my P1 year, I wish I became more involved with clubs and organizations within the school of Pharmacy. Not only will this assist me discover a potential career path but also encourage me to continue encouraging myself and others to become advocates for the pharmacy profession as prominent healthcare providers.

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CPD Plan Management: PLANNING: Paolo Amenta
Fall 2018 Outreach

Beginning with P2 year, I will plan on joining organizations within the school of pharmacy. I look forward to finding more information about APhA, SNPhA, Kappa Psi/AZO pharmaceutical fraternities. I intend on joining at least 2 organizations and to be an active member up to graduation.

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CPD Plan Management: REFLECTION: Paolo Amenta
Career Paths

After experiencing exposure to different organizations and different organizations, I will be able to determine what the most suitable career path is for me. I will reflect on this ideally by the end of my P3 or P4 year to find myself in a position where I can truly provide for those less fortunate through the power of pharmacy.

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Educational Background: Paolo Amenta
University of Connecticut School of Pharmacy

Educational Background: Paolo Amenta
University of Connecticut

Educational Background: Paolo Amenta
Newington High School

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Employment History: Paolo Amenta
CVS Pharmacy

Employment History: Paolo Amenta
West Side Market

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Goals (Personal & Professional): Paolo Amenta
Participate in at least 2 health screening events with CVS pharmacy and demonstrate my ability to communicate with patients.

Took part in 1 health screening event with CVS Health and 1 with Stop and Shop pharmacy. I am still working towards my goal.

Goals (Personal & Professional): Paolo Amenta
Become more involved with organizations associated with UConn School of Pharmacy as a way to benefit the pharmacy community around me and explore potential career paths.

Currently an active member of APhA and member of the migrant farm clinic board. Will look to become involved with 1-2 more organizations by the end of P3 year.

Goals (Personal & Professional): Paolo Amenta
Obtain a position with a local hospital to explore institutional pharmacy in preparation for a potential interest in residency.

Will be beginning my institutional rotation with Middlesex Hospital July 2019. Will use this as a leverage for potential future employment.

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Honors & Awards: Paolo Amenta
No current honors & awards

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Internships & Externships: Paolo Amenta
Stop & Shop Community Pharmacy Intern

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Licenses & Certifications: Paolo Amenta
Pharmacy Intern

Licenses & Certifications: Paolo Amenta
CVS Pharmacy Technician

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Presentations: Paolo Amenta
Flint Water Crisis and the Role of the Pharmacist

Flint Water Crisis and Pharmacy (.pdf) 0.32mb
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Projects: Paolo Amenta
Expanding the Role of the Pharmacist

Expanding the Role of the Pharmacist (.pdf) 0.21mb
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Publications: Paolo Amenta
No current publications

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