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Devan Cumpston

Graduate Student

Northeast Ohio Medical University


"The highest result of education is tolerance."

-Helen Keller
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Affiliations (Universities & Colleges): Devan Cumpston
Northeast Ohio Medical University

Current graduate student at NEOMED, enrolled in the Integrated Pharmaceutical Medicine program (M.S.).

Affiliations (Universities & Colleges): Devan Cumpston
Kent State University

Alumni 2016

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Association & Society Membership: Devan Cumpston
American Physiological Society (APS)

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Experimental Biology 2018

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Educational Background: Devan Cumpston
Associate's Degree in Science

I obtained my A.S. in May of 2015 from Kent State University.

Educational Background: Devan Cumpston
Bachelor's Degree in Biotechnology

I obtained my B.S in Biotechnology with a minor in Chemistry from Kent State University in August of 2016.

Educational Background: Devan Cumpston
Master's in Integrated Pharmaceutical Medicine

I am currently enrolled in a M.S. program at NEOMED in Integrated Pharmaceutical Medicine, with an expected graduation date of July 2019. Studying coronary collateral growth in the context of cardiovascular disease and metabolic sydrome.

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Employment History: Devan Cumpston
Research Technician

Research technician from July 2016-June 2017 in an infection and immunity lab at NEOMED.

Employment History: Devan Cumpston
Summer Student

Summer student in an infection and immunity lab at NEOMED from May 2016-July 2016.

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Volunteer, Community & Civic Activity: Devan Cumpston

Undergraduate volunteer in a cardiovascular disease research lab at NEOMED from August 2015-May 2016.

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