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Kimberly Gilliam


Bryant & Stratton College

Address: 720 High Meadow Ln. Unit A
Charlotte, NC. 28217
Phone: 704-426-2887
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Comes Highly Motivated with Exceptional Work Skills.
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My Bio: Kimberly Gilliam
portfolio project
Final Portfoilio Project

My Bio: Kimberly Gilliam
Project Chart on Disorders
Final Paper

My Bio: Kimberly Gilliam
Student Losn Project
Final Portfoilio Project

My Bio: Kimberly Gilliam

My Bio: Kimberly Gilliam
portfoilio project
My new portfolio project Portfoilio project

My Bio: Kimberly Gilliam
ePortgolio project
I do hope you enjoy my project. Presentation

My Bio: Kimberly Gilliam
ePortfolio project
My revised ePortfolio project is hopefully better and that you like it. {resentation

My Bio: Kimberly Gilliam
ePortfolio project
My revised ePortfolio project is hopefully better and that you like it. Presentation

My Bio: Kimberly Gilliam
About Me

I am the one who calls a hard worker that can get the job done. Being dependable and on-time with a smile each and every day to brighten someone's day! Having a bi-lingual person on your team is very crucial to your clients. We look at people all day why spoil someone's mood. Saying, "Hello". A simple gesture can go a long way. Being a good team player always has its advantages. Be a go-getter and you can strive,

My Bio: Kimberly Gilliam
This paper will show what psychology is. It will demonstrate what the patient needs and what my manager will think.
My Bio: Kimberly Gilliam
Summary of work ethics
This artifact I chose is a treatment plan to assess the family needs of the patient. I thought this would be a good choice to show off my work to potentional healthcare providers. Portfolio Project

Employment History: Kimberly Gilliam
Skills & Experience's

Technical Advisor

Conduent- Charlotte, NC

January 2018- Present


×          Troubleshooting Apple Products (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple Watch)

×          Actively listening and assisting customers fix their devices

×          Providing excellent Customer Service

×          Maintaining professionalism through out the entire call


Senior Customer Experience Expert/Dispatcher

Stericycle- Charlotte, NC

October 2014-September 2017


×          Maintaining departmental goals

×          Answering phones in a timely manner

×          Actively engaged with Patients to ensure their needs are met by relaying messages to their Doctors


×          Answer phones in a timely manner

×          Making sure Data Input is entered into the system correctly

×          Dispatching all calls as quickly as possible to the correct facility, Doctor, and Nurse

×          Ensure that all patients, and clients are taken care of by providing excellent customer service.

×          Canceling and Rescheduling appointments

×          Providing refill requests for patients and pharmacies

×          Inputting on-call information into required fields for Emergency calls that come in


American Red Cross – Charlotte, NC

January 2012 to May 2014


×          Effectively recruited new individuals for donor ship, maintaining departmental goals

×          Effectively manage existing donor pools

×          Actively engaged in discussions with Donor's to contribute in multiple areas of need

×          Successfully managed outbound calling campaigns to encourage donor ship.


×          Routinely conducted outbound calling

×          Managed existing donor portfolio

×          Ensure donor data reporting was accurate

×          Establish & maintain partnerships with key stakeholders

×          Managed monthly reporting vehicle for data integrity

Crew Member

McDonald’s – Charlotte, NC

July 2011 to January 2012


×          Promoted to Front-Line 1st Cashier within 3 months of employment

×          Received employee of the month in fifth month of employment

×          Responsibilities:

×          Provided outstanding customer service

×          Actively engaged in conversations with customer's to better understand their dietary needs

×          Provided recommendations to meet client's dietary needs

×          Actively identified cross-sell opportunities

×          Managed cash drawer

×          Maintained the cleanliness on the restaurant line and customer area

Food Preparation Attendant/ Waitress

Friendly's Restaurant – Huntersville, NC

January 2010 to June 2011


×          Named employee of the month on two separate occasions (nominated multiple times)


×          Prepared various food items in advance of customer orders

×          Ensured that food items & areas were aesthetically pleasing

×          Assisted customers with food orders

×          Identified opportunity to cross/up-sell food items

×          Provided exceptional customer service

Virtual Administrative Offices

Self-Employed -Fayetteville, NC. /Charlotte, NC.

July 2007 to June 2011


Provided remote/virtual administrative office functions for small to mid-sized businesses in the medical,  mental health, and social service sectors

Functions included, but not limited to:

Providing personalized and automated voice messaging and forwarding services

Provided reporting functionality for management, converting raw data into usable information for analysis and output

Provided virtual office meeting space & tel-conferencing

Provided medical billing assistance & code interpretation

Summer work as a Paralegal

Summer work as a IT Support Agent

Educational Background: Kimberly Gilliam

Diploma, Leto Senior High

Healthcare & Human Services, Attending Bryant & Stratton College

Resume & CV: Kimberly Gilliam
Resume (.docx) 0.02mb
Resume & CV: Kimberly Gilliam
Cover Letter
Resume (.docx) 0.01mb
Internships: Kimberly Gilliam

I assisted with paralegal services many years ago.

Languages Spoken / Skills: Kimberly Gilliam



Competency Assessments: Kimberly Gilliam
Powerpoint presentation
Powerpoint Presentation

Competency Assessments: Kimberly Gilliam
Portfolio Project
Portfolio Project

Competency Assessments: Kimberly Gilliam
Elevator Speech
Final Elevator Speech

Competency Assessments: Kimberly Gilliam
Final Resume

Competency Assessments: Kimberly Gilliam
Cover Letter
Cover Letter

Competency Assessments: Kimberly Gilliam
Culminating Assessment part 2

Artwork & Photography: Kimberly Gilliam
Presentation Video
YouTube Video

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