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Jesse Mancini

PharmD Candidate, 2014

MCPHS University (Formerly: Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences)

Address: Brighton, MA
Phone: 401-935-4724
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I am pursuing opportunities related to whole-body wellness.
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Goals (Personal & Professional): Jesse Mancini
Academic Goals

1. Experiential Activities

Goals (Personal & Professional): Jesse Mancini


Goals (Personal & Professional): Jesse Mancini
Professional Development

After graduating, I plan on moving to the San Francisco Bay area to study clinical herbalism at Ohlone Center in Berkeley.  While studying natural medicines, I would like to work as a community or compounding pharmacist in the Pleasanton, CA area.  This will give me countless patient contact hours to bolster my clinical experience and a venue to practice advising patients on natural products.  I plan to work as a community pharmacist for at least three years, at which point I would begin looking for advancement within the company.  After attending the ASHP midyear conference, I have my sights set on Rite Aid pharmacy but do not discount the other chains or independents.  I believe that community pharmacy is the perfect place to further my goal of practicing integrated healthcare since patients often present with minor symptoms that natural products can resolve.  In addition to this, I want to learn Spanish in order to better serve my community by communicating in many patients' native language.

Goals (Personal & Professional): Jesse Mancini
Physical Fitness

By mid-2014, I plan to transition from a ketogenic diet to a fully paleo diet.  This means a great deal to me as I come to realize that nutrition is the source of health and that "dieting" is wrong but a "diet" is right.  Dieting is temporary while diet is a habit.  I am working now to hone that habit so that it will serve me for the rest of my life.

I am about to cancel my gym memberhip since I have cleared out substantial space in my bedroom; I will get a bench and be puttng my dumbells to work!  In addition to weight training I am doing basic yoga each morning and following a capoiera conditioning exercises to cover flexibility, strength, and endurance.  Once I am in great shape I will resume the martial arts studies I put on pause for pharmacy school.

My Bio: Jesse Mancini

After hearing back from the seven schools to which I applied, I chose to attend MCPHS for a six year Doctor of Pharmacy program due to the financial security and broad range of career opportunities inherent to the field of pharmacy.  While here, I was able to live in the Longwood Medical Area.  I would walk to Fenway, Back Bay, and even all the way downtown if I wanted to.  While I would have run the college differently, it did serve its purpose for educating and introducing opportunities in pharmacy.  MCP does not have athletics and I did not find a club which fit my schedule and interests so I filled my free time with bicycling, longboarding, walking, photography, and reading.  While here, I explored several life plans but have decided on continuing my education with clinical herbalism and providing integrated, whole-body healthcare.

My Bio: Jesse Mancini
High School

I attended Lincoln High School where I took mainly honors and advanced placement classes with a focus on science and mathematics.  At LHS, I played football, wrestled, played bass in the variety show band, threw for track and field, and participated in several student clubs.  I was fortunate to be given fantastic teachers for biology, chemistry, statistics, and english.  Thanks to these dedicated educators I was given a big head start on my college courses.  

I was able to travel to Australia before my senior year through the People to People Student Ambassador program.  We shared cultures with the goal of improving the global perception of America through demonstration.

My Bio: Jesse Mancini
Early Life

I was born in Providence, RI on March 13, 1990.  For the first few years of my life, I lived with my mother and grandparents.  My grandfather maintained a garden full of grapes, tomatoes, cucumber, broccoli, and basil.  We had a rescue dog named Coco.  On weekends I would stay with my father, who was establishing himself as a sales representative for a hazardous waste disposal company.  I attended private school from K-5. in 6th grade, my mother, stepfather, and I moved to Lincoln, RI and I enrolled in public school.

CPD Plan Management: REFLECTION: Jesse Mancini
The next five years: needs and goals

In the near future, I want to have the income to pay down my student loans while remaining financially comfortable.  The sooner I am out of debt, the better.  Besides debt, I want to start saving in a 401k and a personal savings account.  I want to learn about diet and natural medicines so I can be an expert on what goes into the body to promote health.  I have my eyes set on integrating pharmacy and natural medicines into a holistic, whole-body wellness offering.  While studying clinical herbalism at Ohlone, I want to begin my career at a community pharmacy: where parients present with minor symptoms most frequently. At Ohlone and in the community, I will discover and create opportunities to drive change and challenge industry standards.  During this time I will also forge enriching professional relationships.


My biggest goal in my personal life is to get into top physical shape.  Besides feeling and looking like a champion, I want to be a model of good health so that my own body can be a testimonial of my dedication to good health.  Once settled in California, I will become involved in the community around me; I will grow into leadership and eventually be able to pioneer opportunities and recruit champions of change and improvement.


For pleasure, I want to travel as much as possible before my life gets too busy with working and education.  My window will be the summer of 2014, so I need to make it happen!

CPD Plan Management: PLANNING: Jesse Mancini
Five year plan

In the eight months before graduation, I will focus on my personal health.  With dedication to a diet and exercise plan, I will remodel my metabolism and my life habits to best serve my goals.  Within 4 months, I will be at my goal weight.  From there I will fine tune my body and health until satisfied with the results.  In addition to personal health, I will begin studying for NAPLEX in January so that I can apply for licensure ASAP.  I know I need experience, so during 2014 I will be seeking employment in pharmacy.  Ideally, I will work as an intern in Rite Aid who would then take me on as a pharmacist in California.  I will work full time during my free time; once rotations resume, I have no issue picking up four hours each weekday or full weekend shifts on top of my unpaid internship hours from school.   


After graduation, I want to travel for up to two months.  I think this will be my best opportunity to travel without having obligations in my professional life.  A road trip accross the US with friends seems like it will be the best option.

When taking my NAPLEX, I will send my scores to RI, CA, and MA.  I will take the CA CPJE first, then maybe the MPJE for RI and MA.  


After getting licensed in CA, a friend and I will be moving to the Bay Area to study herbal medicine while gaining our first few years of RPh experience.  During this phase I plan on dedicating my income to debt payments, 401k, and personal savings to achieve financial security.  Within a year, I hope to have enough saved so that I can have the option of working part-time while going back to school.


After completing Ohlone's clinical herbalism track, I will practice herbalism and achieve professional membership with AHG and the right to use their Registered Herbalist credential.  


Professionally, I will develop my career to serve as a source of integrated medical knowledge.  I would be awesome if I could rise within the company to give presentations on natural medicines to pharmacists and educate these first line care givers in a field unknown to them.

CPD Plan Management: ACTION / LEARNING: Jesse Mancini
Actions towards enacting my five-year plan

I have just finished up the plan, so I have not taken many actions to achieve my goals.  For the past few months I have been working out and remodeling my diet.  I have been researching NAPLEX study materials and services so that I can begin my review by January.  I have updated my resume and have taken an interview workshop at my 3rd block rotation.  I will be in contact with a Rite Aid recruiter, which will hopefully lead to an intern position in the Boston area to gain experience for a pharmacist position in California.

CPD Plan Management: EVALUATION: Jesse Mancini
Evaluation of past actions

Since this is my first CPD plan, I don't have a previous CPD cycle to evaluate.  However, I can evaluate my actions so far.  In the past, I was not goal oriented and my actions reflected that.  I was not working towards a specific outcome.  The results weren't terrible: I'm graduating with a doctorate and a 3.4+ GPA.  But the outcomes could have been better.  The fact that I was able to waltz through the last few years and still have great results only frustrates me knowing that I could have had a 3.8+ GPA and been far more involved in my own development.  My diet and exercise is a prime example: I ate what I wanted and did as little as I wanted and still got some pretty OK results.  After evaluating my unhappiness with my health, I realized that I needed to do something.  Now that I realize this as truth, it is easy--almost mandatory--to eat well and exercise.  The same attitude and transformation has been occurring in my professional mindset over the past year or so.  Now I am ready to start living a better, more conscious life.  Mistakes are only bad if I don't learn from them and enact their lessons.  That is what this first CPD plan will help me accomplish.

Licenses & Certifications: Jesse Mancini
MA Intern License

I am licensed as intern in Massachusetts.  License number: PI157140, expires 2/25/2016.

MA Check a License

Employment History: Jesse Mancini
Durgin-Park, The Hideout

Durgin-Park is a very old establishment in the middle of Faneuil Hall.  The Hideout is the tavern at Durgin-Park.

One year after attending bartendending school, I found this place in need of a bartender.  I have worked busy nights, but the busy lunches are more challenging.  During lunch, the bar tender is also waiter, bus boy, security, and food runner (2 flights of stairs!).  Working here hones multitasking, memory, and customer service.  

Main Page (Warning: Automatic Music)

Employment History: Jesse Mancini
Help Desk

From January 2010 until June 2012, I worked for MCPHS's IT help desk.  I was responsible for ticket entry, over the phone and in person trouble shooting, escalation, and customer service at the desk.  In addition I performed basic printer and projector maintenence, paper stocking, and supply delivery as needed.  During my time at the help desk, I installed 5 computer laboratories in the campus.

A nice summary of the help desk

Employment History: Jesse Mancini

During the Summer of 2009 I worked for the local movie theater concession stand.  Biggest challenge: diffusing angry patrons and stressed out parents.

Cinemaworld Lincoln webpage

Employment History: Jesse Mancini
Eastern Mountain Sports

For two summers and autumns during high school, I worked at a kayak rental service in Lincoln Woods State Park.  I was outdoors most of the day and supervised and instructed flat water kayak use.  Many of the patrons spoke other languages, so I had to overcome language barriers often.  I performed rescues if anyone capsized.

Simulation (Training Simulations): Jesse Mancini
APM: Physical Assessment Module

This APM module was essentially a clinical pharmacist simulator.  We worked in teams of 5-7, with each student pharmacist receiving one role in therapy.  We focused on asthma, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes.  We had a pre-lab where we were given a briefing on these topics in clinical pharmacy, as well as an opportunity to practice the hands-on parts like BP and HR measurement, blood sugar testing, and insulin administration.  When the lab day came we were assigned our roles, given about twenty minutes to prepare, and then we went to see our "patient".  In the simulation clinic the patient would ask questions and give us a few twists to work with (Eg "Yeah, I've been doing pretty friend knows a guy who does tattoos in his van and I got these sweet sleeves for like $150!").  At the end of clinic, the team would have a mini-meeting where we would make final decisions on drug therapy and counseling and we would present it to the patient, who would then have an opportunity to ask us questions.  Although this lab was only three sections, it made me feel comfortable acting as a clinical pharmacist, assuming I would have some time to brush up on hands-on techniques and disease state management.  

Simulation (Training Simulations): Jesse Mancini
APM: Institutional Module

In this lab, we acted as hospital pharmacists.  It was heavily focused on sterile compounding from both sterile and nonsterile ingredients.  Preparations were based off of prescriptions for chemotherapy, IV nutrition, aminoglycoside therapy, and many other challenging preparations in the hospital pharmacy.  After one-on-one observation in the clean room, the feedback I received bolstered my confidence in my technique.  At the end of the lab we performed quality assurance procedures to check our work: we did a sterility test using positive and negative controls to assess the quality of our aseptic techniques.  We also performed a dextrose concentration assessment to test our ability to make a preparation of a certain concentration.  After passing both QA tests and receiving glowing feedback in the cleanroom, I know I am able to perform in the hospital setting.

Simulation (Training Simulations): Jesse Mancini
APM: Community Module

In Advanced Practice Management we worked in teams of two third year students and one fifth year student.  As the fifth year student we were the pharmacists, managing the thrid year "technicians" while dispensing prescriptions from a simulation pharmacy on campus.  As pharmacists, we were expected to review prescriptions for doses, indication, interactions, and overall appropriateness.  If one was inappropriate, we called the "doctor" and woould speak with one of the professors over the pharmacy phone to discuss the problem and the best solution.  During all of this, we also performed counseling, OTC recommendations, label checking, technician management, and drug info questions.  I was worried that I would not perform well, but after this lab I am confident in my ability to be successful in community practice.

Simulation (Training Simulations): Jesse Mancini

In the third year of pharmacy school, we had a simulation lab called introductory practice management.  In this lab we worked as a team with another third year and one fifth year.  The third years act as technicians, while the fifth year acts as the pharmacist.  The team receives prescriptions and patient profiles and must fill a prescription in accordance with all laws and best practices.  This lab involved patient counseling and drug questions in addition to the prescription filling.  Without any technician experience I struggled initially, but by the end of the semester I was able to complete all work well before the end of lab.  This was a great learning opportunity for students like me who have little to no experience. 

Internships: Jesse Mancini
CVS #7530

My internship at CVS has been very educational and enjoyable.  Even though I have not clocked many hours yet, I am already making OTC recommendations, compounding, accepting cardinal deliveries, and making doctor and insurance calls.  I find the community role to be extremely enjoyable as I am both the first line and last line in healthcare.  I also enjoy the compounding we do very much.  I have always liked cooking and lab work, so compounding is right up my alley.  We compound liquids, creams, and ointments so it isn't as much as a dedicated compounding pharmacy but it is much more than a standard retail pharmacy.

CVS homepage

Internships: Jesse Mancini
Strategies Inc

While working under consultant pharmacist Steven Polymeros, I learned the regulatory issues surrounding consulting pharmacy and what special roles the consultant pharmacist fills.  We wrote up SOAP notes on real life patients, gave roundtable talks, and gave formal presentations.

Internships: Jesse Mancini

While working at RxInsider i did weekly presentations to the staff on topics of my choosing.  I worked largely with quality assurance and focused myself on learning as much as I could about management and business in pharmacy while also drawing on my preceptor's experience in pharmacy practice to better position myself to for entering the workforce.  Because of things I learned here, I began doing CEs in fields of my interest and I was put into contact with people who would aid my success in future endeavors.

RxInsider Home Page

Internships: Jesse Mancini
Radius Specialty Hospital

At Radius Specialty Hospital I was a pharmacy administration/management intern working under Ronald Romard.  Here I learned how to use meditech software to gather pharmacist activity data and patient histories.  After gathering data I would represent it in an administrative report, a spreadsheet, or an oral presentation.  I lead a Pharmacy and Therapeutics seminar where I introduced a cost-saving drug interchange program for ARBs that I designed.  I also gave a 30 minute class on clinical algorithms.

Radius Specialty Hospital

Internships: Jesse Mancini
Veteran's Administration

I completed an internship with the VA in Bedford, MA under Hansa Joshi.  Here I worked in outpatient, inpatient, coumadin clinic, narcotics cage, and clinical pharmacy.  Working with psychiatric outpatients helped me master customer service.  Exposure to the inpatient pharmacy enabled me to learn how a hospital pharmacy is run.  While working in the narcotics cage, I saw how to comply with requirements of federal pharmacy security.

Bedford VA

Internships: Jesse Mancini
Rite Aid

I completed an internship at this retail pharmacy.  I worked under Chris Conboy and learned the essential skills of operating in a retail setting, including data entry, production, and workspace management.

Rite Aid

Internships: Jesse Mancini
Spectra Systems

I worked as a lab intern here during my senior year of high school.  I was working with a special dye to frustrate counterfeiting efforts.  I would weigh materials, load machines, write observations, do calculations, and monitor reactions.  I worked under Andrei Smuk, the director of R&D.  From this internship I got a letter of recommendation from the CEO, Nabil Lawandy.

Spectra corporate webpage

Meeting Sessions Attended: Jesse Mancini
ASHP Midyear Conference

I attended midyear in Orlando this year.  It was wild!  Colin Powell should do a standup circuit, he was so funny and profound.  It only picked up from there with networking sessions and the exhibit hall.  In the exhibit hall, we met with Astra Zeneca reps who were educating on Brilinta (ticagrelor).  We talked with them for a while and got invited to a dinner with about 30 other pharmacy professionals.  Their MSL gave an in depth presentation on clinical data of Brilinta and thoroughly answered each question in the Q&A section.  We talked with the sales reps in several Florida districts, the MSL who presented and another AZ MSL who was at the presentation.  They gave me the best meal of my life and it was money well spent: now I am vocally pro-Brilinta!  

Besides that, I got several leads for employment after graduation.  The best of those opportunities seems to be Rite Aid: they are filling positions in California and seem to have a great attitude and corporate culture.  The upward and lateral mobility afforded through Rite Aid offers opportunities well beyond the community pharmacist role.  


I attended several classes, the most gripping being the primer on new drugs of abuse (krokodil and bath salts are scary!).  I think everyone says this after their first midyear, but I would like to go to midyear every year!

Meeting Sessions Attended: Jesse Mancini
  1. Weekly Staff Meetings: Guest
  2. Weekly Student Presentation: Host, presenter
    1. Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy
    2. Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism
Meeting Sessions Attended: Jesse Mancini
Radius Specialty Hospital
  1. Medication Safety Committee: Attendee
  2. Pharmacy and Therapeutics: Master of Ceremonies; presenter
Presentations: Jesse Mancini
Utility of Natural Remedies in Common Conditions

This presentation was given to my Strategies Inc rotation group.  It was mostly spoken, with the slides serving as a rough outline.  My goal was twofold: to show that other methods besides drugs and surgery could be used with great success in common and serious conditions; and to show that natural remedies and modern medicine do not share an adversarial relationship, rather that they each have their own place in an integrated healthcare model.  The presentation involved success stories to show what nature can do.  At the end of the presentation, everyone including the preceptor had questions and were very impressed at what we can do by adding non-drug approaches.

Utility of Natural Remedies in Common Conditions Slides

Presentations: Jesse Mancini
Innate Response

This was a presentation given to Rxinsider staff.  It focused on Innate, a supplements company that sources their active ingredients from fresh produce.  Any doctor will tell you that vitamins from whole foods are better than a daily multi-vitamin; Innate puts whole foods into a daily multi-vitamin. 

Innate Response Slides

Presentations: Jesse Mancini
Workplace Wellness Programs

I delivered this presentation to some of the RxInsider staff.  I chose to present on workplace wellness programs because they reflect a component in the proactive healthcare culture I seek to promote.  I found a great article in Harvard Business Review that was all about the essential features of successful workplace wellness programs; I basically adapted that article into a powerpoint and added some personal insights.  

Workplace Wellness Programs slides

Presentations: Jesse Mancini
Professional Compounding Centers of America

I gave this presentation to the RxInsider team.  PCCA is one of their biggest accounts, but I chose to research and present PCCA because I think that compounding may be a major part of my future career in natural medicines.

PCCA slides

Presentations: Jesse Mancini
American Herbalists Guild

This presentation was given to the RxInsider team as part of my rotation.  I chose to present on AHG since they are the most prominent herbalist professional organization in the country.  I wanted to give the team a good sense of what the herbalist field was like and really discuss the inclusiveness from Ayurveda to phytotherapy.

AHG slides

Presentations: Jesse Mancini
Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism (Philosophy)

This presentation was given to the RxInsider team.  It is about about CSCH, the herbal school I am looking to attend after graduating.  After completing the slide on their philosophy, I felt that the terms still had too much ambiguity and misinformation surrounding them.  So, I dedicated the bulk of this presentation to trying to clearify the actual meanings of these terms.  Homeopathy and holism are abused in marketing to the end of parting a fool with their money, but these words have actual meanings that represent a valid patient-care perspctive (holism), and a valid, if idealistic, treatment modality (homeopathy).  

CSCH slides

Presentations: Jesse Mancini

I gave this presentation to RxInsider Staff.  It was given from a business perspective.  This presentation fit right into my presentation structure:  I first identified why Pharmaca was started.  Then, I discussed how they reach those goals.  Finally, I revealed what exactly Pharmaca does.  The presentation ran for about 15 minutes, with 15 minutes of questions afterwards.  By the end of the presentation everyone seemed to understand what Pharmaca is and how they are special from other existing services.  I wasn't able to get all the images to stay on the presentation with either dropbox or google drive so please excuse some of the blank space in the linked presentation. 

Pharmaca slides

Presentations: Jesse Mancini
Clinical Algorithms

I gave this presentation at Radius Specialty Hospital as the final assignment in my internship.  I had spent my spare time at Radius going through the GlobalRPh list of renally dosed medications and creating a nearly 30 page table detailing the Micromedex, Clinical Pharmacology, and DynaMed recommendations for the dose adjustments.  From this I learned how to make an algorithm from a bunch of recommendations.  I presented that knowledge over 45 minutes to the director of pharmacy, a few pharmacists, and the other pharmacy interns.  Feel free to contact me if you would like to see the full table, since MedCred only allows one link per entry.

Clinical Algorithms and Renal Dosing slides

Presentations: Jesse Mancini
My presentation methods and philosophy

First off: Don't be nervous.  What am I nervous about?  Failing or doing poorly.  What will increase my chances of failure?  Being nervous.  Therefore: don't be nervous!

Second: Whenever possible use a Why-->How-->What structure to communicate ideas and products.  Establishing a "why" and a "how" gives listeners a context in which to place the "what".  Once they know the inner workings behind the material facts, they are more likely to understand the facts.

This is doubly important in any sort of marketing presentation.  You draw people in with a common "why," Such as "We love a cutting edge product that is stylish, efficient, and easy."  Who doesn't love a cutting edge product that is stylish, efficient, and easy?  Bam!  You've got your audience nodding their heads.  Then comes the "how": "We do it by giving it a great exterior and packing the inside with great features."  Who doesn't want a cool looking thing that has a bunch of great features?  Now the audience is really on your side and they don't even know the product!  Finally, you say "what" you've been wanting to say this whole time: "So buy our product, it is awesome."  Sound familiar?  Check out an Apple commercial and you'll see that they use this model all the time and they use it to great success.  Below is the TED talk which introduced this concept to me.

Third: Act natural!  Everyone gets a little worried when speaking to groups.  But the best presenters just know that they belong behind the podium and it doesn't seem forced or "wrong".  When I present, I try to leave my slides up as a rough guide or summary, but discuss with the group almost like a roundtable discussion.  This keeps the focus on what I am saying rather than what I wrote, while still giving the chance to look at slides in case an audience member spaces out or gets lost.  The slides are a visual aid to your presetation vs your presentation is an audio guide to your slides.

Simon Sinek: The Golden Circle

Volunteer, Community & Civic Activity: Jesse Mancini
Make a Difference

My father and his friends established this charity to help needy families during the holidays.  During the year we would collect donations and spend them on purchasing large quantities of frozen turkeys.  On the tuesday before Thanksgiving we would drive around to churches, soup, kitchens, and other food distribution centers and personally deliver the turkeys.  It was incredible to see the impact we had.  The turkeys were a Godsend for these people since there were many canned good/nonperishable donations but very few people would get an actual Thanksgiving turkey until we came along.  I participated in this for over ten years until pharmacy school took me out of the area and never failed to keep me busy right before Thanksgiving break.  I hope to participate in the 2013 turkey run if my rotation will allow me.

Affiliations (Universities & Colleges): Jesse Mancini
MCPHS University (AKA Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences)

I have attended this university since it was a college back in 2008.  While seeking my Doctor of Pharmacy degree I have been on the Dean's List for five semesters.  In addition to coursework, I have been undergoing internships through the school, which will be detailed in other records within this module.

MCPHS Public Page

Affiliations (Universities & Colleges): Jesse Mancini
Radius Specialty Hospital

At Radius Specialty Hospital I was a pharmacy administration/management intern working under Ronald Romard.  Here I learned how to use meditech software to gather pharmacist activity data and patient histories.  After gathering data I would represent it in an administrative report, a spreadsheet, or an oral presentation.  I lead a Pharmacy and Therapeutics seminar where I introduced a cost-saving drug interchange program for ARBs that I designed.  I also gave a 30 minute class on clinical algorithms.

Radius Hospital Web Page

Affiliations (Universities & Colleges): Jesse Mancini
Veteran's Administration

I completed an internship with the VA in Bedford, MA under Hansa Joshi.  Here I worked in outpatient, inpatient, coumadin clinic, narcotics cage, and clinical pharmacy.  Working with psychiatric outpatients helped me master customer service.  Exposure to the inpatient pharmacy enabled me to learn how a hospital pharmacy is run.  While working in the narcotics cage, I saw how to comply with requirements of federal pharmacy security.

Edith Nourse Rogers Memorial Veterans Hospital Home Page

Affiliations (Universities & Colleges): Jesse Mancini
Rite Aid

I completed an internship at this retail pharmacy.  I worked under Chris Conboy and learned the essential skills of operating in a retail setting, including data entry, production, and workspace management.  This location was the second-busiest Rite Aid in Massachusetts, so I had to quickly adapt to the fast-paced environment. 

Rite Aid Website

Teaching Experience: Jesse Mancini
Informal tutoring

In first and second year of pharmacy school, many of my friends and suitemates were struggling with chemistries, biology, calculus, and physics.  General chemistry was by far the most popular tutoring session I ran.  It started out with just a few people; as they saw results, others wanted to join and we had to start reserving rooms in the school.  In physics, I only tutored two people, but those people credit me for helping them pass the class.  Before tutoring, they were far under the minimum passing grade; after a few exams with tutoring, they managed to pass.  In third year we took a class called Research Methods in Pharmacoepidemiology, which was based in statistics.  I tutored one of my friends who had trouble with the concepts of the class.  I stopped tutoring for the most part in third year, when the courses took on a focus on rote memorization rather than conceptual understanding. 

Courses Taken: Jesse Mancini
Course List

"(L)" indicates the class had a 3hr/wk lab

All classes are three credit-hours unless indicated otherwise by a number in parentheses following the class name.


Year Five:


Interpersonal Communications

Health Care Ethics

Pharmacy Law

Advanced Practice Management I (2) (L) 

Advanced Practice Management II (2) (L)

Advanced Therapeutics I (4)

Advanced Therapeutics II (4)

Pharmacotherapeutics Seminar I (1)

Pharmacotherapeutics Seminar II (1)

IPPE Internship IV (1)

OTC Drugs and Self-Care 

Pharmacokinetics II


Year Four:

Medicinal Chemistry I

Pharmacology I (4)

Pharmacology II (4)

Virology and Antiinfectives (4)

Therapeutics I 

Therapeutics II

Medicinal Chemistry I

Medicinal Chemistry II

Pharmacokinetics I

IPPE Internship III (2)

Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

Drug Literature Evaluation


Year Three:

Physiology/Pathophysiology I (4)

Physiology/Pathophysiology II (4)

Biochemistry I

Biochemistry II

Pharmaceutics I (4) (L)

Pharmaceutics II (4) (L)

Introduction to Practice Management I (2) (L)

Introduction to Practice Management II (2) (L)

Indroduction to Health Care Delivery

Research Methods in Pharmacoepidemiology (2)


Year Two:

Economics (2)


Foundations of Physics (4) (L)

Organic Chemistry I (4) (L)

Organic Chemistry II

1960's American History

Women in History

Symbolic Logic

Existentialist Philosophy and Literature

Self in Social Context/Well Being

Medical Microbiology (4) (L)


Year One:

Calculus I

Calculus II

Introduction to Psychology

Biology I: Cell and Molecular

Biology II: Biology of the Organ (4) (L)

Chemical Principles I (4) (L)

Chemical Principles II (4) (L)

First Year Seminar (1)

Expository Writing I

Exopsitory Writing II

Honors & Awards: Jesse Mancini
Dean's List

Fall 2008

Spring 2009

Fall 2009

Spring 2010

Spring 2013


Exam History: Jesse Mancini

SAT 2050/2400

SAT Biology 710/800

Exam History: Jesse Mancini
Advanced Placement Exams

Biology: 5

US History: 3

Statistics: 4

European History: 3

Political Science: 3

Continuing education or professional development is required in many fields, including all healthcare providers, teachers, insurance professionals, financial advisors, accountants, architects, engineers, emergency management professionals, school administrators, attorneys, and more. The continuing education unit (CEU) is described as ten hours of participation in an education program.
Continuing Education (CE, CME, CEU...): Jesse Mancini

I am APhA certified to give immunizations.

Continuing Education (CE, CME, CEU...): Jesse Mancini
Future Plans

After finishing MCPHS University, I plan on attending The Ohlone Center to seek certification in clinical herbalism.

CSCH Web Page

Association & Society Membership: Jesse Mancini
American Herbalists Guild

The AHG is the most respected organization in the herbalist field.  They publish a peer reviewed journal twice a year and are known for offering a large number of webinars.  They promote research, diversity in the field, and open channels of communication with other healthcare professionals.

AHG Home Page

Association & Society Membership: Jesse Mancini
American Society of Health-system Pharmacists

ASHP is the national professional organization whose nearly 40,000 members include pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and pharmacy students who provide patient care services in hospitals, health systems, and ambulatory clinics. For 70 years, the Society has been on the forefront of efforts to improve medication use and enhance patient safety.

ASHP homepage

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Harvard Business Review

HBR is a well-respected business journal.  I subscribe to HBR because life is business.  The better business person you are, the better you can manage yourself and develop your own potential and the potential of those around you.  Even though I am far from being in the C-suite or even upper management, the principles in HBR apply to many aspects of life.  No matter what I do, I want to develop my leadership potential and be the drive behind change rather than reacting to change.

Harvard Business Review home page

Publication & Journal Subscriptions: Jesse Mancini
Journal of The American Herbalist's Guild

JAHG is the peer-reviewed publication put out by the AHG every six months.  It has been in print since 2000 and all back-issues are available online to members.  It includes herbal monographs, safety data, therapeutic data, patient case histories, and some other articles from the field of herbalism.

JAHG home page

Interests: Jesse Mancini

I do consider myself an avid reader, although I do not read too many books.  I prefer to use the internet to find articles on news, politics, technology, science, and human interest.  Reddit works great as a link aggregator, as do news sites like drudge report.  

Interests: Jesse Mancini

I've always loved nature and the outdoors.  While in Boston I biked, walked, and rode a longboard everywhere.  Long walks in the city are a bit of a hobby of mine, I call it 'urban hiking'.  When I have the time, I like to drive out to one of the many hiking paths in the northeast and just walk through nature and get some fresh air.

Interests: Jesse Mancini

Holistic medicine gets a bad rap in today's medical landscape.  However, I think it is important to remember that before there was medicine, people would get sick and recover.  The human body is a self-healing system and illnesses are an injury to the body.  In the vast majority of illness, the body is able to adapt and heal itself.  So, rather than treat the body with potent, agressive drug therapy, we should first try to restore the body's own healing mechanisms.  

Take hypertension as an example:

From time to time, we all have elevated blood pressure yet it is not hypertension.  If you are stressed or exercising your blood pressure goes up, barometric sensors detect this, and the body begins a variety of mechanisms to reduce blood pressure.  If the rise in blood pressure is not properly detected or repaired by the body, you are said to have hypertension.  There are two philosophies to treat this issue.  The first is to do the body's job for it and use tests and drugs to detect and suppress high blood pressure.  The second is to enable the body to detect and treat its own blood pressure issues.  "Teach a man to fish..."

I currently take Brahmi (Bacopa Monnieri) for cognition and mood support; Milk Thistle for liver; EFAs for metabolic, CV, and mental support; and use dietary bitters for digestion and satiation as well as flavor enhancement. 

Interests: Jesse Mancini
Craft Beers

As the host of Sam Adams and Harpoon breweries, the city of Boston was the birthplace of the American craft beer revolution.  There are hundreds of craft brewers in New England alone and they all put out a unique product.  I thoroughly enjoy the flavor profiles in most styles of beers, with my favorites being IPAs, double IPAs, IPLs, summer and fall seasonals, pilsners, and unfiltered beers.  As a bartender, it is in my best interest to know some good brews to recommend.  My current reccomendations are Sam Adams Harvest Pumpkin Ale and Jack's Abbey Hoponious Union.

Interests: Jesse Mancini
Personal Health

Within the past year and a half, I have become dedicated to my personal health.  For strength, I hit the gym 2-4 times per week.   Thanks to genetics, I can already max out most calf press and leg press machines, so I focus on chest, back, arms, and abs and exercise my legs in other ways.  For legs/cardio I ride a bicycle for 20-40mi at a time, maintaining 12-20MPH; I do a military sprint routine; or I do a walk-jog-sprint circuit for 1-3 miles.  

My diet is evolving, three years ago I would eat a college diet.  Once I realized that habit was not helping me meet my personal goals, I switched to a 4-5 meals per day diet of protein powder, quinoa, vegetables, fruits, and almonds and lost over 30lbs.  After being prompted by a friend to do some reseach into the paleo diet, I decided to migrate my habits to a modified paleo diet.  Paleo is gluten free, dairy free, and grain free.  Thanks to this, I have made improvements in my mental clarity, skin health, GI health, fat metabolism, and insulin sensitvity.  I hope to see the fruits of my discipline as I age with healthy skin, and without day to day medications for cardiovasular disease, diabetes, or dyslipidemia.  Currently, I cannot say that I have met my habit goals but paleo is a huge change in diet so I remain dedicated to my efforts to create the best habits possible.  My favorite paleo foods are steak, chicken,  uncured sausage, uncured bacon, eggs, broccoli, tomatoes, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, onions, peppers, asparagus, bok choi, kale, garlic, almonds, and fish.  Because I am not medically considered to be gluten or dairy sensitive, I do allow myself a moderate intake of specialty cheese and craft beer.

Paleo Diet Info

Interests: Jesse Mancini

Since 8th grade, I have been playing guitar and bass.  Curently, I do not have the time I would like to dedicate to music so I do what I can to stay practiced.  I played bass in several bands, one of which played out in bars, college venues, and music halls for a few years.  Our myspace is .  It has some of our old stuff, including three self recorded songs and one video of a jam session at a practice.  Our facebook is what we used more so it has pictures, set lists, etc...  For more Triple Point info and a live video, check out the musical interests, recordings, and concerts module.

As far as listening, I like to have jazz or classical in the background while I am doing work or reading.  In the car, I like classic rock, house music, R&B, or hip-hop.  In the gym it is EDM, hip-hop, or hard rock.

Triple Point facebook

Travel (My Travel Experience): Jesse Mancini
March 2013: Philadelphia Area

Two friends and I drove to our other friend's house in Lambertville, NJ.  We were 10 minutes from New Hope and 45 minutes from Philadelphia.  We had achieved our goal of two cheesesteaks per day!

Travel (My Travel Experience): Jesse Mancini
July 2010: Blue Ridge, GA

I got away to this small town while visiting my grandparents.  We went hiking, white water rafting and just relaxed in the country.  Most people had longer walks to their mailboxes than I had to 7-11, hospitals, pizza joints, and a grocery store!

Travel (My Travel Experience): Jesse Mancini
July 2007: Australia

I spent three weeks traveling the eastern coast of Australia through a program called Student Ambassadors.  I traveled by bus with about 30 other students from Cairns to Sydney stopping at landmarks along the way.  The goal of the program is to improve global image of America through grassroots ambassador efforts.  We attended meetings with local officials, had a home stay where we stayed with a family, and presented gifts to the locals.  

Student Ambassadors

Travel (My Travel Experience): Jesse Mancini
June 2006: Mexico

Traveled here with my grandmother for scuba diving, beaches, and hiking after sophmore year of high school.

Travel (My Travel Experience): Jesse Mancini
August 2005: Caribbean

Stayed at resort as family with my father's company getaway.  We attended some company functions, hiked in the rainforest, and went ziplining.

Travel (My Travel Experience): Jesse Mancini
June 2004: London

I traveled for one week with my father.  We visited historical sites and museums and in stayed downtown London.  If you think Boston or Ney York cabbies are crazy just step into the suicide doors of a vintage London taxi cab.

Travel (My Travel Experience): Jesse Mancini
Family Reunions

Every other year, my paternal grandmother's family holds family reunions.  These have taken me around eastern US for the beginning of my life.  Gettysburg, Hershey, Viginia, Florida, Newport, and Tennessee have all hosted our family.

Musical Instruments, Recordings & Concerts: Jesse Mancini
Triple Point

Since I had began playing guitar and bass, I had been playing with drummer, Chris Lacaille.  After producing a song for a class in high school, we showed it to a variety show guitarist and singer, Chris Donoyan.  He loved the rythm section (us) and we started this band in Feburary 2007.  We played graduation parties at first, before stepping into a providence venue called AS220.  By 2008, we were the headline band for the last show of the year in December.  In a one-off at another tavern in Providence, we turned around a trainwreck set and wound up getting the bar to capacity during our 3-hour performance.

Besides bar venues, Triple Point also played many shows at Donoyan's alma mater, Providence College.  Triple Point played  Stuartstock--the PC yearly music festival--for three years.

Triple Point recorded many shows and produced one studio album before fizzling out late in 2011. Our myspace has some of our work posted but our facebook is what we used for social planning and networking:

Triple Point Myspace (some old songs and a video)

Musical Instruments, Recordings & Concerts: Jesse Mancini
Triple Point & Friends live at The Living Room

We were a power trio jam band so we had a lot of flexibility to add other musicians for guest performances.  Below is a video from one of our shows at an old venue of ours: The Living Room in Providene, RI.  The drummer, bassist, and guitarist playing the blue guitar are band members.  Keyboard and other guitar are guests from a RI local group, Stalemate.

Triple Point and Friends LIVE

Musical Instruments, Recordings & Concerts: Jesse Mancini
LHS Variety Show

In high school I played bass for variety show band, which covered popular songs.  The show overall was the single biggest source of income for the senior class.  Here I met the guitarist/singer-songwriter for Triple Point.

Musical Instruments, Recordings & Concerts: Jesse Mancini
The Gut Bucket and Jeremy

During Junior year of high school, I did a capstone on structuring a three piece improvisation.  Myself and the drummer who would later play with me in Triple Point teamed up with my childhood friend, Jeremy, to have a jam session.  We played three main movements, with cues as to when to change.  Overall we produced an 8-9 minute recording which I presented in a panel presentation titled "Peanut Butter and Jam".  This was the recording which peaked interest in me and Chris as a rhythym section for Triple Point.  Unfortunately, I can not find the recording as of this writing.

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Athletics: Jesse Mancini
Martial Arts

From 7-18 years old, I practiced multiple blended martial arts styles.  I had to stop for college, but I plan on resuming once my life has a bit of consistency to it so that I can attend classes regularly.  In those eleven years, I achieved a junior blackbelt in tae-kwon-do/jui-jitsu and a blackbelt in kenpo/shotokan from two different dojos.

Athletics: Jesse Mancini
Track and Field

I threw for my high-school's track and field team during 11th and 12th grade.  My favored events were the shotput and hammer.

Athletics: Jesse Mancini

From grades 7-9 I wrestled.  This was ended after a serious shoulder injury sustained while wrestling up a weight class: my opponent was 253lb while I weighed in at 208lb.

Athletics: Jesse Mancini

From grades 8-11 I played football, only stopping after my second concussion put me at risk for brain damage.  On defense, I played tackle, end, and occasionally linebacker.  On offense, I was a play-side guard and tackle.

Library (My Reading List): Jesse Mancini
Pharmacotherapy: A Pathophysiologic Approach


A text I would like to review and summarize for my own records and knowledge.

Library (My Reading List): Jesse Mancini
Into The Wild

Library (My Reading List): Jesse Mancini
American Dietetic Association Complete Food & Nutrition Guide

Library (My Reading List): Jesse Mancini
Medical Herbalism


This is a textbook which I am reading in preparation for Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism in September of 2014.

This portfolio module contains a list of professional and productivity mobile apps I recommend:

Mobile Apps I Recommend: Jesse Mancini

A hassle to get working but completely worth it!  Puts treatment guidelines and detailed drug entries right at your fingertips

DynaMed Mobile Instructions

Mobile Apps I Recommend: Jesse Mancini

Micromedex in iTunes App Store

Reflective Journal: Jesse Mancini
Career Path

I has been hard, deciding what I need to do with my life.  But I think I have a decent grip on it now.  I know I need to make money to fuel my lifestyle; I know that my lifestyle may comfort me but that it won't fulfill me.  I want to help people and further a cause I believe in.  That cause is natural medicines, specifically western herbalism.  As a community pharmacist, I have access to all sorts of patients who could benefit from my knowledge.  My ideal near future looks like this: begin as an intern at Rite Aid in Boston, move to California working 2-3 twelve hour shifts per week as a Rite Aid pharmacist, complete an herbal apprenticeship, then complete clinical internship years one and two, become registered with AHG as a professional member, practice herbalism as a private practitioner while moving up the Rite Aid corporate structure.  From there I will be able to pay the bills, cure the ills, and still get some time in for hiking, biking, and learning to surf!

Reflective Journal: Jesse Mancini

This term has been hijacked.  Due to the laws governing natural products, companies can put almost any "natural" substance, slap holistic on the bottle, and put it on shelves.  The result is that when an actual holistic proponent opens their mouth, they are immediately associated with the fraudulent medicines marketed with this label.  

Even if it works, a drug product cannot be holistic.  Holism is a perspective assumed by a practitioner who is evaluating a patient.  A holist takes the entire patient into account when designing treatment.  Holists recognize the profound interconnection of all body systems and seek a solution that protects the health of the whole system.  Since a drug cannot act with intent or perspective, it cannot be holistic.  

The label has been used and abused to sell the less informed medications which do not work.  Now, many people hear "holistic" and think "medicine which doesn't work but is touted by hippies as wonder drugs".  It is almost impossible to have a conversation about holism that isn't met with criticisms of products which misuse the holistic label.  

I seek to restore the integrity of the term, one mind at a time.  

Wikipedia: Holism

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