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I believe that perseverance and attitude is the key to succeeding in life, college, and career.
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Capstone final class
I am currently a medical office manager and love my job. This was an enjoyable project, and I learned much, now I would like to apply it.

Dedication through life sculpture

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ICD-10-CM coding and CPT coding for visit/procedure(s)
Coding Practicum for physicians

Diagnostic codes


Case studies and cancer

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Attitude is the key to success!

I believe that perseverance and attitude is the key to succeeding in life and college.  When someone struggles in life, there comes a point in that person’s life that difficulties comes challenges and quality is something that becomes a habit. 

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Tuberculosis Essay

I loved doing the research on this essay.  You find out interesting things about everything. 

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Goals (Personal & Professional):
Critical thinking in my personal and professional life.

In this assignment I wanted to be able to reflect on how the five step method has helped and will continue to help me in the future.

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Honors & Awards:
Bryant & Stratton College Dean's List

Normally when you get an email from the Dean at a college, you automatically think you did something wrong.  I opened it up and about fell over, GPA 3.75, I must be dreaming!  I was so proud of my achievement,and still am.

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Resume & CV:
Cover Letter for Barlett Regional Hospital

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Resume & CV:
Current Resume

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Final grades from University of Phoenix

When I first started my classes through University of Phoenix I was thirsty for knowledge.  Exploring the world of education was like walking me into a candy store in my youth; exciting and all I wanted was information about everything.  So, for the next few years, as you can see, I soaked up all the knowledge I could and proof of my thrist are in my grades.

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