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"Love what you do and do what you love."
-Ray Bradbury
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Educational Background: Ashley Bishop
Iona College (Accounting Program - BBA Candidate 2014)

The Hagan School of Business at Iona College is AACSB Accredited and prepares students for careers as Accountants in either public or private accounting firms. Business students are required to take four years worth of courses starting with the basics of business and expanding to the most advanced courses dealing with different areas of a business. Through the accounting program, students are able to take part in a winter internship program to help them experience what the work world is like in their particular area of interest. 

Iona College Hagan School of Business

Educational Background: Ashley Bishop
The Prout School, Wakefield, Rhode Island

Freshmen Year 2006-2007

Sophomore Year 2007-2008

Junior Year 2008-2009

Senior Year 2009-2010

Graduated on June 8, 2010

Honors Classes, Student Ambassador, O'Ambassador, French Club, Varsity Volleyball, Varsity Basketball, Varsity Lacrosse

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Employment History: Ashley Bishop
Rx Insider; Warwick, RI

Employment History: Ashley Bishop
Blood Centers of America; Warwick, RI

Accounting/Information Systems Intern, 2011-2012

Collaborated with the accounting department proofing financial reports such as general ledger trial balances, aging reports, balance sheets, and income statements as part of an upgrade of Dynamics SL accounting software.

Assisted with year-end reconciliations for the audit, month end reconciliations.

Performed information systems support such as maintaining user accounts, email addresses, and upgrades to Windows 7.

Employment History: Ashley Bishop
Iona College Athletics; New Rochelle, NY

Athletic Communications Assistant, 2012-Present

Film various sporting events for each team to review.

Assist in organizing webcast of weekly games.

Employment History: Ashley Bishop
Iona College Lacrosse; New Rochelle, NY

Team Manager, 2011-2012

Assisted with recruiting, maintained players data in Excel and created recruiting letters using Microsoft Word.

Performed clerical work in office and filmed lacrosse games.


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Honors & Awards: Ashley Bishop
Honors Received at Iona College

Deans List:

I have made deans list 3 consecutive semesters. I received it spring semester of my sophomore year in 2012 with a GPA of 3.8. In the fall 2013 semester I earned a GPA of 3.5. This past spring 2013 semester I earned a GPA of 3.9. 

Honors & Awards: Ashley Bishop
The Prout School Varsity Basketball

Coach's Award 2010

Captain 2009-2010

All-Division Honors 2007-2008

Honors & Awards: Ashley Bishop
The Prout School Varsity Lacrosse

Coach's Award 2010

Captain 2010

Honors & Awards: Ashley Bishop
Black belt (2005)

I am a black belt in Okinawan karate and earned my black belt when I was 13 years old. I started karate when I was 6 and trained for 7 years. You had to go through a series of belts and train hard in order to make it to the black belt test. The test was 21 hours long and consisted of kata, life techniques, endurance and more. There were 7 of us taking the test and my dad being one of them. The test started at 7 PM where we had to teach a karate class to young children. We then went to a Chinese restaurant for dinner where we had to pick out our chopsticks and keep them with us throughout the entire test, which represented responsibility. After dinner we had to go into the parking lot and do 50 push-ups on our knuckles, which was pretty painful. We then went to the dojo (karate studio), which we train at and had to clean out the entire place. It was now about 10:30 PM and we were just getting started. Our karate instructor brought us to his house to clean his entire yard and even use our chopsticks to pick up leaves that were on the ground. We had to do more push-ups and sit-ups on his deck. When we were done cleaning it was about 3 AM and we were headed to the beach but made a quick stop at Tim Hortons first to do sit-ups and push-ups in the parking lot. When we go to the beach we had to go into the water and do kata in the water. The water was freezing cold and we were all tired but that was part of the endurance and fighting through adversity. We had to run 3 miles on the beach, dig a hole to fit ourselves in and burry ourselves up to our chest and stay there for 30 mins. We had to do kata with our weapons and we also had to do more sit-ups and push-ups while on the beach. It was about 8 AM when we were done with the beach and we had to go back to the karate studio and help out with a karate test. It was also time for my sit-ups and push-ups and we were on our way to the final place of the test. We had to run a mile to the place where our families were to watch us finish up the test and hopefully receive our belts. We then finished up our test with our family and friends watching us. 500 sit-ups, 300 push-ups, 500 jumping jacks, 4 miles, and 21 hours later of no sleep we passed! With our chopsticks still in hand we had all made it and did not give up. It was a very rewarding feeling and all the hard work had finally paid off. It was definitely time for a nice long nap though. 

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Courses Taken: Ashley Bishop
Courses Taken at Iona College

Senior Year Fall Semester: 

Federal Income Taxation I

Government and Nonprofit Accounting

Dimensions International Business 

Production and Operation Management

Role of a Business in a Contemporary American Society

Business Communications 

Junior Year Spring Semester:

Intermediate Accounting II

Advanced Financial Accounting 

Intro to Mass Communications


Intro to Science 



Intro to Music

Junior Year Fall Semester:

Intermediate Accounting I

Cost Measurement and Analysis 

Principles of Finance

Principles of Marketing

Literature of the Modern World

Managing Sport Organizations 

Sophomore Year Spring Semester: 

Principles of Managerial Accounting 

Principles of Management 

Basic Macroeconomic Analysis

Tradition and Modernity

Moral Philosophy 

Sophomore Year Fall Semester: 

Management Information Systems 

Principles of Financial Accounting 


Basic Microeconomic Analysis

Islam in Dialogue

Freshman Year Spring Semester:

Law Agency Business Organization Communication

Foundations and Traditions Literature

Intro to Philosophy

Religion in Contemporary World

Intro to Oral Communications

Freshman Year Fall Semester:

Legal Environment and Business

Computers Tech and Society

Communication Skills: Writing I

Evolution of Western Civilization

Brief Calculus 

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Athletics: Ashley Bishop
Iona College Lacrosse Goalie 2010

I was a walk on goalie my fall semester of my freshman year. I played in the fall with the team and was the back up goalie. I had never played goalie before so there was much that I had to learn about the position. We played in the HeadStrong tournament at Hofstra University where I recorded my first win. We played in a tournament at UNH where we played against nationally ranked teams. I started in goal against the number 17th team in the country, University of Vermont. We also played a tournament at Navy University where I played against James Madison University. My knee prevented me from continuing my college lacrosse career. 

Athletics: Ashley Bishop
The Prout School Varsity Lacrosse 2009-2010

I played varsity my junior and senior years where I was a starting defender. In 2009 we beat St. Mary's Academy Bay View for the Rhode Island Lacrosse State Championship with the final score 13-9. Before that game we had split the regular season series with them 1 game a piece. I recorded a couple steals, forced turnovers and ground balls. During my senior year I was voted captain by the team. We lost in the semi-finals of the Rhode Island Lacrosse State Tournament. I received the coach's award my senior year. This award goes to someone who is talented, works the hardest, is a great leader, and never gives up. I was featured in an article after my senior season about trying out to become a walk on at Iona College and overcoming my torn ACL.

Athletics: Ashley Bishop
The Prout School Varsity Basketball 2006-2010

I started off on JV my freshman year at Prout where I then was moved up to Varsity half way through the season. Our JV team lost in the state tournament but posted a record of 13-3 that year. I led the team in points and in 3-point shots made. I was named MVP of the JV team. 

Sophomore year I started Varsity and was the second leading scorer and led the team in 3-point shots made. In a game against Westerly High School I had two 4-point plays. I made one shot at the end of the half at the buzzer from almost half court and got fouled on the play. I then went to the free throw line and was successful on the 4-point play. I received All-Division Honors. We lost in the quarterfinals at the buzzer against Scituate High School. 

Junior year I started Varsity and then tore my PCL the third game into the season. I was going into the paint for a layup and a girl tripped me and I fell right on my kneecap. I rehabbed for three weeks and came back to play but was not close to 100% and played limited time. My first game back was in a Christmas tournament against North Kingstown and I was not able to do a lot. I was leading scorer up until that point. We lost in the semifinals against Woonsocket High School. 

Senior year I was voted captain by the team and started the season unable to play due to a torn ACL. I tore my ACL in volleyball practice and I thought about surgery but basketball was my passion and it was my senior year so I decided to just work really hard and rehab so that I could try and play with a torn ACL. I resumed play 5 games into the season and my first game back was against my hometown team Chariho High School. I scored a 3 in my first game back and I felt as if I had never left. I lost my starting spot because of my injury but was the 6th one off the bench. A couple of games during the season my knee gave out on me and I had to sit out the rest of those games. I continued to work hard to get back for every game and prove that I could play. Some games I scored more than others and sometimes I did not even score at all but it wasn't about scoring that mattered to me anymore. I was featured in two articles in the Narragansett Times speaking about my injury and how I played through it. I received the coach's award, which is an award that goes to a talented, hard working player, a leader, and someone who never gives up. I also led Prout in 3-pointers made my last 3 seasons. 

BeRecruited basketball page

Athletics: Ashley Bishop
The Prout School Varsity Volleyball 2008-2009

I made varsity my junior and senior years where I played outside hitter. I would also come in to just be a serve specialist. I was named one of the team's best servers. I tore my ACL during practice the day before my senior night game and was out for the rest of the season. I played in the Rhode Island State Championship in 2008 and came in as an outside hitter and we won the State Championship that year. I was unable to play in the State Championship in 2009 in which we also won. 

Athletics: Ashley Bishop
The Prout School JV Lacrosse 2008

I started lacrosse my sophomore year at Prout where I made JV and started as a defensive wing. 

Athletics: Ashley Bishop
The Prout School JV Volleyball 2007

I played my first year of volleyball my sophomore year and made JV where I was named MVP.

We won the JV State Championship in Rhode Island in 2007. We were down 23-11 in the Rhode Island JV State Chmapionship and I was up to serve. I had 8 aces and served the ending of that game to pull off the upset and win the championship 25-23. I led the team during the season in aces. 

Athletics: Ashley Bishop

My grandpa taught me how to golf when I was four years old and I played ever since then. I have played in a league every year up until I was about 13 years old at Alpine Country Club. I started in that league when I was 6. I do enjoy playing golf, unfortunately I do not play as much as I would like to. Golf is a great sport to play because it is something that you are able to play your entire life. 

Athletics: Ashley Bishop
Rhode Island Lady Cyclones 2007-2009

I played for the Rhode Island Lady Cyclones, an AAU basketball team based out of southern Rhode Island. There were four girls from the Prout varisty basketball team that played for the Cyclones. We played in many different tournaments and our biggest one was in Albany, NY. There were college showcase tournaments that we played in. 

Athletics: Ashley Bishop
Lady Gators 2005-2006

I played for the Lady Gators for my seventh and eighth grade years. They are an AAU basketball team based out of Massachusetts. We played in tournaments in both the fall and the spring and we traveled to different states to play against other teams in our age division. I started the majority of the games and led the team in scoring for most of the season. 

Athletics: Ashley Bishop
South Coast Magic 2004

AAU basketball team 

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Skills: Ashley Bishop
Financial Statements

I have experience dealing with Profit and Loss Statements from classes at school and from internships that I have had. I enjoy working through financial statements. 

Skills: Ashley Bishop
Solomon and QuickBooks

Skills: Ashley Bishop
Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Skills: Ashley Bishop
Programming Computers

I have hooked up monitors, the mouse and keyboard to computers and put software on computers for people to use. 

Skills: Ashley Bishop
Strong Leadership Qualities

I was named captain of the basketball and lacrosse team my senior year of high school. 

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Interests: Ashley Bishop
My Interests

I have very strong interests in Accounting and technology. I always have enjoyed the computer and learning different components behind the computer. I also have a strong passion for athletics and follow each sport closely. I enjoy taking stats for teams whether it is at the college or professional level. I also really love to play all types of sports with basketball being my favorite. My favorite sport's teams include the Boston Bruins, Boston Celtics, Boston Red Sox, and the Miami Dolphins. 

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Goals (Personal & Professional): Ashley Bishop
My Goals

My goal is to graduate from Iona College next May with a BBA in Accounting. After graduation I will be traveling to Paris, France for an accounting internship and will also be traveling to other parts of Europe, which has always been a goal of mine. I will then be hoping to sit for my CPA and then eventually receive my MBA in accounting. I also have a goal to hopefully one day be the controller of a professional sports team. 

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Reflective Journal: Ashley Bishop
My Journal ~ Overcoming my ACL tear

I have always had a deep passion for all sports but basketball happened to be my absolute love. I went to The Prout School for high school where I played volleyball, basketball, and lacrosse. Basketball was my favorite, then it was lacrosse and last was volleyball. I had torn my PCL in my right knee my junior year during basketball season. This tear caused me to sit out most of the season and I tried to come back each and every game. I worked my hardest to come back but it was a struggle every day. By the time my PCL fully healed it was time for lacrosse season. This was the first year that I was going to be starting on varsity and never coming out of the game. I continued to work hard to stay healthy and the hard work paid off as we won the state championship. It felt so rewarding and I felt that I was right back at it and ready for my senior year of sports! 

It was time for my last season of volleyball and I trained hard each and every day. I always put in 100% into everything that I do and want to be the best at what I do. I was ready for my senior night game to come and had been waiting for it since the season started. We had practice the day before and I was already going my hardest and my coach told me to go even harder during hitting lines. I listened to him and pushed myself more. As I turned to run back up to hit my foot got stuck on the floor and my knee went the opposite way of my leg. I heard and felt an immediate pop, and realized that it had to be my ACL. I was in so much pain I could not even move and was just so mad at what had just happened and I immediately thought about not being able to play in my senior night game tomorrow and for my final basketball and lacrosse season. That was the only reason why I was even upset. I found out it was my ACL for sure and I began to get depressed for a couple weeks. When I went to the doctor he gave me two choices; one was to get the surgery right away and the other was to rehab really hard and try to get on the court for my senior year. I chose the latter. I thought about it a little and people were telling me that I should get surgery right away but I just could not bear to sit out another season. People gave me a hard time for making that decision but it wasn't their decision to make, it was mine and it was the competitive spirit inside of me. I wanted this so bad and I was willing to train and work hard to get back out on the court with my team. I had to go to physically therapy 3 times a week and then go to practice and watch my team play. I had to wear a customized knee brace so that it would help support my knee. I missed the first four games of the season and my first game back was against my hometown. I made my first 3 since the injury and I was beginning to feel confident in myself. A week later we played in a Christmas tournament and I went up for a jump shot in the lane and when I came down my knee gave out on me. I fell to the ground in so much pain and just wanted to quit. I did not know why I was doing this to myself and I just wanted surgery right then and there. After it would give out on me, my knee would swell for days but I thought about it again and realized that I was not ready to give up just yet. Because of my injury I had to go from being the leading scorer and starting to barely playing because I was slow and in pain. I continued to work hard and make it back into the rotation. I was not able to take it to the basket like I used to but I was still able to hit the outside shot. Unfortunately we lost in the semifinals that year when we should have made it to the championship, but I was proud for being able to fight back each and every time. When lacrosse season came my knee was feeling stronger and being on the grass helped a lot. I was voted captain by my team and wanted to prove to them the leader that I am. My knee held up the entire season and it did not give out on me once. I enjoyed my senior season of lacrosse and was hoping for a back-to-back state championship. We came up short losing in the final minute of the semifinals. I still have yet to get surgery and I even played a semester of division one college lacrosse. I will get the surgery one day but I realized that everything does happen for a reason and I look at sports in a different way since I suffered that injury. Hard work pays off and you have to believe in yourself in order to succeed.

Reflective Journal: Ashley Bishop
My Journal ~ The Night I was Woken Up

May be a sensitive topic for some people

I have a younger brother who is now 17 years old and he has epilepsy. He was diagnosed with epilepsy when he was about 8 years old. 

About 9 years ago I was sleeping in my brother's room on his top bunk and he was sleeping below me on the bottom bunk. I would read to him every night and that night I had placed the book against the side of the bunk bed when I went to sleep. At about 5 in the morning the book fell and it hit me in the head. When I woke up I heard a choking noise coming from underneath me. I began to say my brother's name, "Zach! Zach!" and he wasn't responding. I went down to check on him and he was shaking and choking with his eyes rolled in the back of his head. I ran to my parents' room and got them immediately. We tried to get my brother to come to but we couldn't. I have never seen anyone have a seizure before so I was unaware of what was going on. I truly had thought that we lost him. When he finally woke up out of that state he did not know who anyone was and he was really confused. The ambulance came and took him to the hospital and they later diagnosed him with epilepsy or a seizure disorder, as some people prefer. After that seizure he had about 6 more and then they finally found the right medication to put him on. He was seizure free for about 7 years before he had another seizure last summer. My brother is my best friend and we have both been through a lot together. He is my rock and the strength that he has shown has truly been remarkable. I am hoping that one day he will grow out of this disorder but I am just truly thankful and blessed that there is medication to control what he has. I am hoping to start and epilepsy foundation of my own one day to support adults and children like my brother. 

Reflective Journal: Ashley Bishop
My Journal ~ Boston Strong

Boston, Massachusetts is a beautiful city filled with many different cultures and it is one of my favorite cities that I have ever been to. I have such a passion for the Bruins, Celtics and Red Sox almost too much of a passion. These are the teams that I have grown up with my entire life. My uncle, aunt and two little cousins live right outside of Boston and I have been to many games with my uncle ever since I was little. Boston is the home to so many people, strong and courageous people. 

On April 11, 2013 my family and I were on our way to Boston to go to the Bruins and Red Sox game for my 21st birthday. We stayed over at the Sheraton in Boston for two nights and my two friends came up that night to go to the game with us. That night we went to the Bruins game and it was military night at the garden. The place was filled with so many Bruins fans even some Islanders fans (the team the Bruins were facing). It was just a normal night in the city. The next day was my birthday and we were going to meet my uncle, aunt and their two kids for the famous duck tours. Unfortunately my birthday was raining and was cold and it did not look promising for the Red Sox game. The duck tours are very historic as thy drive around the city of Boston and you get to see all the famous landmarks and it also becomes a boat and goes into the Charles river. The Boston Marathon was happening soon and the city was all ready for it. People had running shoes as flower pots outside their window, everything was set up and on the duck boat we got to cross the finish line of the Boston Marathon. There was even someone and his family on the duck boat with us from Ohio who was going to be running in the Boston Marathon. This is one of Boston's most popular events as everyone from the world comes to run in the Boston Marathon and not everyone can run in it they have to qualify. When the duck tour was over we were waiting to hear about the Red Sox game and in the mean time I got to meet Jerry Remy and Don Orsillo, which was pretty awesome. Unfortunately the game was postponed and we recently went to it last Tuesday. It was however a great birthday that I got to celebrate with the people I love in the city I love. 

My friend and I drove back to school on the 13th of April and we were talking about how much we love Boston and how great a city it is. Two days later, on April 15, 2013, something was about to happen that was going to change everyone's lives forever. 

I was in class on April 15 at around 2:00 and I received a text message from my uncle who works in Boston saying that a bomb has just gone off at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. I was very confused as to what was going on and how a bomb went off at the finish line? I then proceeded to ask him if anyone got hurt and he said yes there are many people who are injured. I could not wait to get out of class to see what was going on. The Red Sox game had ended a couple hours prior to the bombs going off. People were headed to catch some of the marathon, as they did every year, to find out that tragedy had just occurred. There were no answers to what was going on and to what had just happened. Runners kept running to the hospital to give blood to people who had just got injured...that began Boston Strong. People came together in a time of tragedy to show that no one could stop them and no one was allowed to mess with the city of Boston. Games were cancelled for the next couple of days and police were in the midst of finding out who did this. A city came together to find the people who caused these horrific events to happen. When the police finally found one of them and the chase was over after a very long week of tracking the suspects down, the city rallied and cheered. It was Boston Strong. 

One of the people that died was a little boy who was standing at the finish line innocently watching the marathon. He was at that Bruins game the night that I went. He was a Bruins fan that got his life taken away from him for no reason at all. 

The Red Sox resumed play and David Ortiz addressed the city of Boston saying, "This is our (explicit) city". Everyone no matter race or gender came together and became Boston Strong. Boston is a city of love, a city of strength, a city of courage and you sure don't mess with Boston. 

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Internships & Externships: Ashley Bishop
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

Tax Intern at PwC for the spring semester of 2014.


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Travel (My Travel Experience): Ashley Bishop
Canada March 2010

I traveled to Quebec City in Canada my senior year of high school. It was a class trip and we stayed at the Chateau Frontenac for four nights. We explored Quebec and also saw the Red Bull crashed ice event that took place right in Quebec City near the Frontenac. This event features hockey players from Canada, who compete against each other while skating through an ice course in the streets. There is a lot of crashing that goes on during this event, hence why it is called "crashed ice". We took a picture with the hockey players during their practice run the day before. We also went to the ice hotel located in Quebec where there is a hotel made out of ice and everything inside is also made of ice. People stay at the hotel but have to be trained on to how to spend their night because it is brutally cold. The ice hotel was really fascinating but I definitely do not think that I could ever stay there. 

The Chateau Frontenac is a beautiful, historic hotel. It was a great opportunity to be able to stay there and we took a tour of the hotel and learned about the famous people that have stayed there. It is the most photographed landmark in Quebec City and it dominates the skyline in Quebec. The Chateau Frontenac opened in 1893 and continues to be a big part of Quebec. 

Travel (My Travel Experience): Ashley Bishop
My Future Traveling

I will be traveling to Paris, France next summer for 6 weeks as an accounting intern at a company called Igus. I will not only be exploring the amazing city of Paris but I will also be exploring other parts of Europe, such as England and Italy. I am very excited for this opportunity and have never traveled to Europe before. 

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