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What are MyCred Portfolios?

MyCred Portfolios are electronic credential and achievement presentation portfolios designed to store and present an individual’s educational, professional, and experiential accomplishments.

MyCred Portfolios serve to educate, influence, and inspire an individual’s viewing audience leading to stronger professional relationships and positive outcomes.

MyCred Portfolios offer the flexibility, scalability, and portability to support an individual throughout their continuum of education and professional practice. These qualities empower healthcare practitioners, educators, professionals, and students to share their accomplishments with colleagues, patients, students, employers, mentors, and parents in a practical, secure, and accessible format.

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Available Portfolio Modules
• Academic Service
• Admitting and/or Consulting Privileges
• Affiliations (Universities & Colleges)
• Apps (Mobile Apps I Recommend)
• Artwork/Photography (My Portfolio)
• Assignments
• Association & Society Membership
• Athletics
• Badges
• Biography / Summary
• Blog & Social Media Contributions
• Book & Article Contributions
• Cases
• Clinicals
• Coaching
• Committees & Boards
• Competency Assessments
• Conference, Meeting & Trade Show Attendance
• Continuing Education: CE, CME, CEU...
• Courses Taken
• CPD Plan Management: ACTION / LEARNING
• CPD Plan Management: APPLICATION
• CPD Plan Management: EVALUATION
• CPD Plan Management: PLANNING
• CPD Plan Management: REFLECTION
• Cultural Background
• Educational Background
• Employment History
• Exam History
• Faculty Positions
• Fellowship
• Fieldwork
• Fraternal Organizations
• Goals (Personal & Professional)
• Grants
• Honor Societies
• Honors & Awards
• Immunization History
• Interests
• Internships & Externships
• Languages Spoken / Skills
• Library (My Reading List)
• Licenses & Certifications
• Meeting Sessions Attended
• Military Service
• Miscellaneous
• MOOCs Taken (Massive Open Online Courses)
• Musical Instruments, Recordings, Concerts...
• My Team's MedCred Portfolio Links
• News
• Other Accomplishments
• Patents
• Patient Assistance Programs I Recommend
• Performances
• Presentations
• Projects
• Publication, Trade Journal & Periodical Subscriptions
• Publications
• Recommendations & References
• Reflective Journal
• REMS Enrollments/Training (Risk Evaluation & Mitigation Strategies)
• Research Experience & Interests
• Residency
• Resume & CV
• Reviews & Evaluations
• Simulation (Training Simulation)
• Skills
• Speaking Engagements
• Student Development, Preceptorships & Mentorships
• Teaching Experience
• Teaching Philosophy
• Technical & Computer Skills
• TED Talks (Technology, Entertainment and Design)
• Transcripts
• Travel (My Travel Experience)
• Volunteer, Community & Civic Activity
• Websites Recommended
• Workshops & Camps Attended
Benefits of a MyCred Portfolios?
Benefits of a MyCred Portfolio View Portfolio View Portfolio View Portfolio View Portfolio
Who is my audience?
Is MyCred a Social Network?

No. With MyCred, there is no "friending", "linking up", "following", "endorsing", or "poking". While mass-networking and social networks primarily serve to connect and link large groups of people (with little privacy), MyCred serves as a presentation tool designed to be shared with an exclusive and intimate audience - a true presentation portfolio. MyCred portfolios offer a clutter-free, advertisement-free environment. MyCred is subscription-based and...

  • does not accept advertising.
  • does not sell access to portfolio content or user information.
  • does not serve as a sourcing portal for headhunters, sales people, and advertisers.

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