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Kayla Simonzi

Implementation & Client Success Consultant

CORE Higher Education Group

Address: 1300 Division Road, Suite 303, West Warwick, RI 02893
My Social: LinkedIn

If you are wise with your decisions, good things will come.
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Educational Background: Kayla Simonzi
West Warwick Senior High School


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Employment History: Kayla Simonzi
Client Success Specialist - CORE Higher Education Group

Employment History: Kayla Simonzi
Senior Customer Service Agent - MOO, Inc

Employment History: Kayla Simonzi
Customer Service Agent - MOO, Inc

Employment History: Kayla Simonzi
Customer Service Agent - Bank of America

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Interests: Kayla Simonzi
Graphic Design

Interests: Kayla Simonzi

Enjoys designing & making wood signs for display in homes.

Interests: Kayla Simonzi

Baking & decorating cakes & cupcakes. Enjoys making other desserts such as cookies, pies and other assorted pastries. 

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Admitting privilege is the right of a doctor, by virtue of membership as a hospital's medical staff, to admit patients to a particular hospital or medical center for providing specific diagnostic or therapeutic services to such patient in that hospital. Each hospital maintains a list of health care providers who have admitting privileges in that hospital. Admitting privileges of some physicians are limited to consultative services only.
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