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My Bio: David Jones

David Jones was raised in Providence, Rhode Island. He was raised in a bilingual household where his mother primarily spoke Mandarin Chinese and his father primarily spoke English. David and his 2 siblings are fluent in both English and Mandarin Chinese. David is starting his second year of law school at State School of Law. He is currently working on his Juris Doctor (J.D.) in International Business Law. His interest in International Business Law began during the fall semester of 2012 when he had the opportunity to study abroad in China. Upon graduation David plans on joining a mutlinational firm and would like to focus on international law and be able to utilize his fluency in English and Mandarin.  



Courses Taken: David Jones

First Year Courses

Fall Semester

Civil Procedure I (4 credits) The course introduces the first-year law student to the modern system of civil litigation, with particular emphasis on the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. Particular topics may vary, but generally include the basic features of an adversarial system for dispute resolution and its alternatives, pleading, joinder of claims and parties, discovery, pre-trial and post-trial motion practice, and concepts of personal and subject matter jurisdiction.

Legal Method/Civil Rights (2 credits) The course is designed to introduce students to legal methodology, using both constitutional and statutory civil rights cases. The course provides instruction in the basics of legal analysis, including how to read, brief, and synthesize cases; apply legal rules to facts; and interpret statutes. Special attention is paid to the role of history in legal analysis, emphasizing the political, social, and economic problems that led to the selected cases.

A major purpose of this history is to further a vision of professional responsibility consistent with the historical role of the law school. This review should accomplish two additional goals: first, to demonstrate the relationship between historical events and legal change, and second, to explain the special historical role of Howard University School of Law in the civil rights movement and in related efforts to use law as a means of social change.

Torts (4 credits) The course begins with a historic view of the evolution of torts, focusing on the concepts of trespass and trespass on the case. The course then examines the legal bases for liability and the policy underlying such liability for civil wrongs. Thereafter, liability for the wrongful invasion of the legally protected interest of another is explored, focusing on the major specific intentional torts and negligence. The course also explores the principle of liability without fault and examines the areas of products liability, invasion of privacy, nuisance, deceit, malicious prosecution, and interference with contractual relations.

Spring Semester

Constitutional Law I (3 credits) The course examines the basic structures of the American constitutional system, the historical development of the U.S. Supreme Court as an institution, the philosophical justifications for the exercise of judicial review and judicial authority by judges in a democratic society, and the various methods of legal reasoning that are used to interpret the Constitution. Among the topics to be examined are judicial review, the commerce clause, separation of powers, and other legislative powers.

Criminal Law (3 credits) The course provides an introduction to the basic principles of the substantive criminal law, as well as the elements of some common crimes to illustrate those basic principles. Topics covered include actus reus, mens rea, homicide, self- defense, conspiracy, and attempts. The course emphasizes the skill of statutory interpretation and a comparison between common law and Model Penal Code approaches to criminal liability.

Real Property (4 credits) The course covers the principles of real property law, including possession and purchases; commercial transactions in land, including estates and rights in realty; landlord/tenant relationships and problems; and land conveyance and land-use controls.

Full Year

Contracts (5 credits) The course, taught over two semesters, covers the law of contracts, including offer and acceptance, the rules of bargaining, performance and breach, third- party beneficiaries, and assignments. As the first commercial law course, the course also introduces sections of the Uniform Commercial Code, particularly sales under Article II.

Legal Reasoning, Research and Writing (4 credits) The course teaches students, over two semesters, the basics of legal reasoning through a series of research and writing exercises. Students learn how to use available research resources, including computer data bases. The course introduces the writing of objective legal memoranda, client letters, and advocacy briefs for the trial court level. As part of the research and writing assignments, students are introduced to various aspects of client representation and the role of the lawyer in the legal system. Students also are introduced to basic techniques of oral argument.

Educational Background: David Jones

State School of Law | West Warwick, Rhode Island

Juris Doctor, expected 2018 | GPA: 3.5


International Trademark Association | ABA Sections: Intellectual Property, Business, Litigation

Technology Law Society | International Legal Society

R.I. Lawyers for the Arts | Immigration Family Advocacy Project

State University | West Warwick, Rhode Island

Bachelor of Arts, English Literature, minor in Chinese, cum laude, June 2000

Franklin High School | West Warwick, Rhode Island

High School Diploma | GPA: 3.89

Fieldwork: David Jones
Fieldwork Experiences | June 2007-present | Providence, Rhode Island

Legal Intern: Review and provide advice on trademark and copyright issues, including cease and desist letters, registration, and approving use of marks and images. Revise and negotiate 3-part agreement with dominant international software company. Lead research and implementation of Food and Drug Administration regulations on labeling, packaging, and distribution of vitamins. Provide legal consulting for product development, advertising, and customer care teams. Research statutes regulating pharmaceutical advertising.


Rhode Island State Office of the Attorney General | March – June 2007 | Providence, Rhode Island

Legal Extern: Researched and wrote memos on issues including tort liability for trademark licensors, significance of copyright notice, extent and meaning of patent “know how,” tortuous interference, breach of technology transfer contracts, and “piercing the corporate veil.” Authored memo on anti-piracy efforts of Recording Industry of America Association, and advised school officials on actions to take based on precedent, copyright law, and approaches by other Universities. Researched and drafted responses to trademark cease and desist letters.


Dwyer & Fitch | February – July 2005 | Providence, Rhode Island

Litigation Clerk: Prepared trial notebooks, established and maintained discovery files, and handled communication between attorneys and clients. Provided clerical and administrative support by developing, proofreading and editing documents. Filed documents with the court and prepared subpoenas, deposition notices, temporary restraining orders, wills and agreements regarding separation, dissolution, and child and spousal support.


Pratt & Gunn |August – December 2004 | Providence, Rhode Island

Special Projects Clerk: Produced, organized and maintained documents in trial notebooks and case files. Maintained document control, tracking and tracing. Proofed and edited legal documents.  

Goals (Personal & Professional): David Jones

Dave has several goals both personal and professional. His main goal is to complete his law degree and join a multinational firm where he can utilize his Mandarin Chinese language skills combined with his expertise of international business law to beccome a vaulable asset to his firm. He would also like to continue to spend time volunteering in his community with both senior homes and schools. His personal goals are to get married and eventually start a family. 

Honors & Awards: David Jones
Honors & Awards

Graduated with Honors from Franklin High School 

Captian of the Debate Team Franklin High School 

Deans list 11/12 semesters State University in Rhode Island

Graduated Cum Laude in 2000 from State University in Rhode Island


Recommendations & References: David Jones

To The Admissions Officer
State School of Law
West Warwick, Rhode Island

To The Admissions Committee:

Re: David Jones

David Jones has asked me to write as a referee as part of his application for law school. In my judgment, David is educationally, intellectually and emotionally well suited for the study of law. I am very pleased to write in his support. Frankly I know of nobody whom I could more enthusiastically recommend for the study of law. Allow me to elaborate.
My background is in law. I hold both U.S. and Canadian law degrees and am a member of the bar of the Province of Ontario and the states of Massachusetts and New York. In addition, I teach and work with a number of pre-law students. As a result, I have extensive and regular contact with "would be" law students. I first met David in 2011 when he was a student in one of my courses. I have kept up with him since that time. For the last year David has assisted me in instructing a course that I teach to prepare students for the Law School Admission Test. You can see from his transcripts and academic achievements that David is a gifted scholar. In addition to his being a first rate scholar, he is a first rate teacher!
I recognize that there are a finite number of spaces in your program. Hence, it is in your interest to ensure that students you accept will benefit from your program and that participants in the program will also benefit from other students. As well as being intelligent and an accomplished student, David is intellectually suited to the study and practice of law. From my many conversations with him I have learned that he has a fine mind for discerning and developing general principles and determining to what extent these principles apply to specific factual situations. David is a natural" at legal reasoning and has an agile and inquiring mind. I expect that he will be a first rate legal scholar.
David has the maturity and discipline that required to excel at law school. During his work with me as a teaching assistant, I have observed that he understands the value and necessity of hard, consistent and disciplined work. Furthermore, he puts his understanding into practice. To put it simply David has the values and work ethic that are needed to excel at law school.
Finally, David is generous with his time and talents. Should David attend your school, I have every reason to believe that he will enhance the lives of his colleagues. Certainly, he has been a positive influence in my life.
In closing, I repeat that I enthusiastically support David's application to law school in general and State School of Law in particular. His academic qualifications are evident from his transcripts. His values, ethics, character, effectiveness and belief in hard work make all those around him perform better!

Sincerely yours,
John Hampton, LL.B., ID.

Resume & CV: David Jones
David Jones Cover Letter
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Resume & CV: David Jones
David Jones Professional Resume

Please see the attached Professional Resume. 

David Jones Professional Resume (.doc) 0.03mb
Simulation (Training Simulations): David Jones
In my second and third year of study I plan on completing the following simulations

International Dispute Resolution:

Introduces students to the theory and practice of resolving international commercial disputes. The course compares and contrasts the benefits and drawbacks of international litigation, arbitration, and mediation as means of resolving disputes between private parties from different countries and between private parties and governments. Students participate in a simulated cross-cultural arbitration and mediation, and view audio-visual materials demonstrating international mediations and arbitrations. In addition to covering the law governing international litigation, arbitration, and mediation, there is an emphasis on the practical, how-to aspect of conducting such proceedings.

Introduction to Financial Statements (I-FinS) :

In this three-day accounting and valuation interactive intensive, students learn to read income statements and balance sheets and the key links between financial statements. In I-FinS they gain a solid understanding of corporate valuation in the context of investment banking, and learn Excel keyboard shortcuts, efficient worksheet navigation, formula construction and financial functions. This is the same course taught to first year associates in a major law firm, and several financial institutions.


Technical & Computer Skills: David Jones
Computer Software Skills

Proficient with Microsoft Office 2000, Microsoft Office XP, Microsoft Office 1997, Internet Explorer, MS Excel, MS Word, MS FrontPage, MS Project, MS Visio, Outlook Express,  Adobe Photoshop, Outlook, PowerPoint, Corel Draw Pro, Adobe Illustrator, DreamWeaver, Inspiration, FileMaker Pro, MySQL, SQL Server, Publisher, Quicken, QuickBooksPro, Turbo Tax, QuickBooks, Suretrak Project Planner, 

Association & Society Membership: David Jones

David is currently a member of the American Bar Association (ABA) and the National Lawyers Association (NLA). Addtionally, David is an Eagle Scout.

Association & Society Membership: David Jones
American Bar Association
American Bar Association

Association & Society Membership: David Jones
National Lawyers Association
National Lawyers Association

Clinicals / Clerkships / Externships: David Jones

David is very interested in persuing international business opportunities and plans on applying for the International Transactions Clinic offered by State School of Law. 

Continuing education or professional development is required in many fields, including all healthcare providers, teachers, insurance professionals, financial advisors, accountants, architects, engineers, emergency management professionals, school administrators, attorneys, and more. The continuing education unit (CEU) is described as ten hours of participation in an education program.
Continuing Education (CE, CME, CEU...): David Jones
Continuing Education

Although David has not completed his law studies he has taken continuing education courses offered by the American Bar Association (ABA). The ABA offers free CLE course and David has participated in I've Got Your Back; You've Got My Ear: Suicide Prevention in the Legal Profession, Mental Health Awareness 101: Battling Burnout and Depression, Criminalizing Poverty: Debtor's Prison in the 21st Century. 

Languages Spoken / Skills: David Jones

David was raised in a bilingual household and is fluent int Mandarin Chinese. He also volunteers at local schools and helps teach others how to speak Mandarin. 

Musical Instruments, Recordings & Concerts: David Jones
Musical Instruments

David is an accomplished pianist and also enjoys playing the guitar. He frequently visits local senior homes and plays for the residents.  

Volunteer, Community & Civic Activity: David Jones
Volunteer work

David is a big believer in giving back to his community. He volunteers his time at multiple local schools and senior homes. He volunteers twice a month at local schools and helps teach Mandarin Chinese. He also volunteers at local senior living homes where he plays piano and guitar for the residents.