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Biography / SummaryUpdated: 01-29-19
Biography / Summary: Shannon Maines
Shannon Maines' Biography

Shannon is a Client Services Specialist at CORE Higher Education Group, a technology company based in West Warwick, Rhode Island. Shannon comes to CORE from the field of higher education and working in various capacities including curriculum manager and instructional designer. These previous roles have developed and enhanced Shannon's expertise in customer support, technology, and the field of higher education in general. 

Educational BackgroundUpdated: 01-29-19
Educational Background: Shannon Maines
University at Buffalo

Ph.D.- Curriculum, Instruction, & Science of Learning, In-Progress

Educational Background: Shannon Maines
Medaille College

Master of Sciece, Education

Educational Background: Shannon Maines
Pennsylvania State University

Bachelor of Science, Psychology

Educational Background: Shannon Maines
Newfane High School
Employment HistoryUpdated: 01-29-19
Employment History: Shannon Maines
System Curriculum Manager, Bryant & Stratton College

Worked collaboratively with academic personnel to develop and maintain new and existing curriculum programs and initiatives. Additionally, worked in conjunction with the Faculty Development team to ensure new and revised curriculum initiatives are effectively supported and intended outcomes are achieved. Positively represented the College and Educational Services department to all constituencies.


  • Supported 19 campuses by leading the development and revision process for non-clinical degree and diploma programs including medical administrative assistant, medical office assistant, legal office assistant, paralegal, office administrative assistant, office management, liberal arts, and career development courses.
  • Assisted with planning and organization of two College academic meetings with over 85 participants in attendance.
  • Oversaw the curriculum development and revision practices as part of the Student Learning Outcomes Assessment process.
  • Assisted with college policy development and revision.
  • Implemented a blended learning model with colleagues to support the strategic initiatives of the College.
  • Professionally interfaced with deans and campus-based subject matter experts to develop, maintain, and revise curriculum based on systematic review and analysis.
  • Applied research and data to recommend innovative solutions with strong career connections to existing programs.
  • Completed state educational applications.
  • Utilized current technologies to create and publish educational videos.
  • Developed and designed Blackboard web assist course masters for the Bachelors of Professional Studies in Organizational Leadership.
  • Coordinated with Director of Faculty Development and Faculty Trainer to develop and administer faculty training and orientations for new and revised curriculum.


  • Coordinated and co-lead a team of 40 campus representatives to develop and realign the first-term currciulum college-wide.
  • Facilitated a team of faculty representatives from markets to develop a first-term course for introductory computing skills.
  • Developed a blended learning model with colleagues to support the strategic initiatives of the College.
    • Built two fully developed courses in adherence with the blended learning model. 
  • Maintained & updated over 50 course masters for the campus-based courses for course copies every term.
Employment History: Shannon Maines
Adjunct Professor, Medaille College and Bryant & Stratton College

Adjunct Professor practiced at teaching classes aimed at first-time students. The course at Medaille introduces online learning specific to Medaille as well as allow students to begin exploring their chosen major. There is a heavy emphasis on APA formatting and proper spelling and grammar. At Bryant & Stratton, I teach the Introduction to Computing Skills course which provides students practice working with the Microsoft Office suite as well as basic computer skills.


  • Instruct and mentor students in assigned course work to ensure achievement of all course outcomes.
  • Track student success throughout length of course and intervene in a timely manner when students are showing signs of struggle.
  • Assist students with any questions, concerns, or issues they are experiencing with the course work or the Blackboard platform.
  • Apply the 7 Principles of Good Practice to foster a student-centered online classroom to enhance the overall student experience.
Employment History: Shannon Maines
System Manager of Educational Technology, Bryant & Stratton College

Collaborated with Curriculum Managers/Directors to best leverage the technology of the Learning Management System to improve student learning outcomes, facilitate technology-rich teaching, and advance curricular innovation. Responsible for translating plans into training services and support faculty in the design, development and delivery of curriculum and instruction using computer mediated communications, cognitive and interactive media tools and sound research-based course design for both campus and online learning opportunities.


  • Developed and executed plans to support strategic approaches for the integration of LMS technology into the campus-based educational environments of the College.
  • Responsible for training Educational Services associates on use of all of the tools and resources in Blackboard including but not limited to, surveys, the Retention Center, content collection, etc.
  • Worked collaboratively and effectively with faculty throughout the College to provide pedagogical and technical consulting to design, develop, and implement instructional content, courses and projects that enrich teaching and learning through the use of technology to support traditional classroom instruction, blended-learning delivery and web-assist support.
  • Developed webassist degree/product training modules to be used by admissions representatives, academic advisors, and career services staff as part of their professional development and continuing education requirements.
  • Created and maintained an online repository of resources to provide information on current best practices, innovations, and emerging trends for faculty and students to promote sharing of resources.
  • Assisted in systematic integration, and subsequent review and evaluation process to measure the impact educational technology usage on student persistence and graduation performance.


  • Developed and maintained training modules for faculty and deans for various components of the new curriculum initiatives.
  • Developed and maintained a system wide virtual “room” containing all resources for faculty and deans for 20 campuses.
Employment History: Shannon Maines
Academic Services Coordinator-Instructional Design, Medaille College

Coordinated development, review, and quality control of instructional resources for Medaille Online Experience and Accelerated Learning Program.


  • Managed up to three graduate assistant at a time including management of schedules and assigned duties and deadlines.
  • Maintained production quality in all courses; examined objectives, outcomes, assignments, and class activities for consistency with learning models and best learning practices.
  • Developed program overviews and outlines for new programs.
  • Coordinated development of course blueprints with program director, author, IT, and support personnel; facilitated communication between all parties.
  • Provided training, review, and oversight to blueprint authors and instructors for creating and revising course blueprints; maintains and distributes author training materials as needed; provided guidance for new authors.
  • Trained authors and faculty in the uses, resources, and limitations of the Blackboard delivery platform; interacted regularly with the Educational Technology Specialists who build the virtual blueprints.
  • Coordinated tutoring and counseled current students in need of academic support.
  • Maintained document control of all Academic Services official documents, including Drafting the Course Blueprint support materials, online templates, student and instructor handbooks, as well as contracts.
  • Professionally responded to and addressed student and faculty requests and issues.
  • Coordinated and submitted required textbooks to bookstore for each term.


  • Conducted extensive research in conjunction with a team over a six month time period to develop an interactive tabletop exercise which runs in real-time.
  • Maintained college wide calendar which included schedules for 10 online programs over a span of three years.
Employment History: Shannon Maines
Academic Services Consultant, Medaille College

Assisted the Academic Services Department with the conversion of 50 blueprints from BbVista format to Blackboard format in a span of six months.


  • Prepare all courses in Blackboard by the start date.
  • Developed and contracted instructors to teach, write, and revise courses.
  • Provided instructors with the necessary materials to teach, create, and/or revise courses.
  • Organized and coordinated textbook delivery to students.
InterestsUpdated: 01-29-19
Interests: Shannon Maines
Spending Time with Drew & Rudy and Family

I love to spend time with my husband, Drew, and my furchild, Rudy! We like to go for walks either down the road or go for a little hike in the woods behind our home. We are also very close our families and love to do things with our parents, siblings, and our nephews and neices. 

Interests: Shannon Maines

My husband and I are big sports fans so we also spend time cheering for our Bills, Sabres, and Wolverines Men's Basketball team! 

Interests: Shannon Maines

I love traveling to warm, tropical locations. My husband and I have currently visited Jamaica twice and have been to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. My family also loves Disney World and we have been lucky enough to travel there many times! We plan to continue going as often as we can. 

Interests: Shannon Maines

I grew up in the pool as a competitive swimmer since age 5. I swam all through my childhood and was lucky enough to swim for my college team as well. After I retired, I've tried to continue swimming as part of my health and fitness routine!

Interests: Shannon Maines
Les Mills BodyPump

I recently starting taking the Les Mills Bodypump class offered at my local YMCA. It's a fun, upbeat class focused on weightlifting with barbells focusing on each body part with moves choregraphed to songs, called tracks. I love traditional weightlifting but this class allows for a change of pace and the instructor's can pick and choose different tracks so every class is different. You can also make the class as easy or as challenging as you'd like to by picking the weight you add or take off your barbell. It's been a great way to not lose motivation!

PresentationsUpdated: 01-29-19
Presentations: Shannon Maines
CORE User's Conference

Direct & Indirect Assessment supported by CompMS

Research Experience & InterestsUpdated: 01-29-19
Research Experience & Interests: Shannon Maines
ePortfolio Use in Higher Education

I am currently working on my Ph.D. and I am hoping to focus my research on the topic of ePortfolio use in higher education. I haven't narrowed down my exact research question yet, but will be getting to that point soon!


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